[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


Scratch is a easy and fun way to learn about programming. I have fun creating interesting animations by using scratch!
Here’s my project :slight_smile:



This is super cool! I love the way you used the “animator” pen sprites in relation to the letters.


Hi @TjasaPrudic! You can click the green flag in the upper right of the stage to “preview” or run the program anytime when you are making it. If you want your project to start the same way every time, you can add blocks under a “when the green flag is clicked” block (from Events) - that way, it will “reset” the sprites to that state each time. For example, for your pink “j” block, you could add a block that moves it to the starting position:


Whoa the slow falling and bouncing effect is really well done! Thanks for sharing!


I love this project! Amazing!! Super cool how you used costumes and operators here


I really enjoyed this one :slight_smile:


@Kaliappan this project is so creative! The swimming effects are really cool, it’s like an animated movie! :slight_smile:


Thanks Lily :slight_smile:


Thank you Lily :slight_smile:


Mi nombre animado =)


Here is mine:

But I also made this variation on another programming language environment ( in a slightly more effective way :slight_smile:



Hi here is mine:


Appreciated the emphasis on learning community/flexibility for completing the course.(helpful as Maine had a storm/lost power for 6 days during week 2/just now getting back to work on the assignments- better late than never?..)

As an educator interested in early learning (preschool) am new to using Scratch and still learning how it works-lots more to learn about Scratch and coding- look forward to catching up with the assignments and reviewing conversations.

Since I have a long last name, am sometimes called BonnieB, and since I really enjoy collaborating and the cross-pollination of ideas, that is reflected in this first Scratch project (completed with help from friends:^)


hi, this is my remix of your good project



I love the movement in this! I wanted to try it out so I remixed it for “LCL”:


Awn! Thanks, @Lily! I’m really glad you liked that happy accident :slight_smile:


Hi Leslie,

I came here first to take a look. Thanks I learned a bit from your work. Wish me luck!


Great collaboration!