[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


here I am finally guys!

I guess you know now my name but to see it you have to push the letters on your keyboard of the name of my super sister, also with 7 letters! discover her name!
enjoy and sorry for my delay!



Ecco qui il mio nome animato!


Added mine - pretty boring really but just wanted to get it done! Loved the punch card one!


Here is my project:

I enjoyed, I have already a computer science background, I liked how some concepts are shown as blocks here, enabling children to experience programming in early age.


Here is my name-project:
It was my very first time using Scratch and I really enjoyed playing with it.

I’m looking forward to catch up on the rest weeks of the course as my past few weeks were very busy and I lost track of the course.


Here is my name animation. I’ve used Scratch before, but it’s usually the offline version, so this one took a bit longer as I don’t have a strong computer at the moment. Hopefully this works for everyone, please let me know if it doesn’t work for you.


Aqui está o meu nome animado. Foi a primeira vez que usei o Scratch, então não está tããão legal, mas foi importante pra mim esse pontapé inicial:


I finally completed my name animation. My big ‘aha’ moment was realizing that I could have multiple strings of code within the same script. Then I realized how to have music playing through the whole segment. Very satisfying!
17 AM


So - quite late in making this happen, but here it is!
Click the green flag to start the program.
Animated “Sue”


And here some stuff about me:


Well. Better late than never. Life stopped me from playing but this afternoon I went back and animated my name.

It was easier than when i first started using Scratch 7 years ago. But because I do not use it regularly, I had to stop, pause, and think. I am introducing the All About Me lesson tomorrow and I just wanted to refresh and find some samples which lead me to playing! I love introducing Scratch to kids and I enjoy learning from them.



This was my first contact with scratch and I have to say the possibilities are endless. I hope I have time to explore it even more. This time I did a very simple name animation and did a lot of trial and error in the programme :slight_smile:


I am a little late, but I made it!


Hola :slight_smile: aquí va mi apodo animado.



Here it is…

First… finding where the things are… letters, actions for movements, etc
then… start organizing everything and creating!


Ecco l’animazione del mio nome. E’ il mio primo lavoro con Scratch, mi sono divertita anche se il risultato non mi soddisfa molto.


A simple animation of my name:


Ecco il mio progetto per animare un nome. Ho semplicemente seguito il tutorial proposto da scratch e poi ho personalizzato il lavoro


My name project is here. I started with the Scratch tutorial, and then my children helped with the design! This was fun for us to make together. My oldest daughter made the “R” and my youngest daughter made the “L.”

When we recorded audio for the “R” I didn’t realize it was continuing to record while I explained about audio levels. We thought it was funny so kept the whole recording in there. :slight_smile: