[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


here is mine. clay animation 0w0


Here is my animated name project


I started with an idea,that I changed while I was working on the project.
To draw triangles it is necessary to take the sprite point of view.


This was my first time on Scractch! I will try doing more things and present it to my 9 years old daughter. Simple and great!


This is my task for week 1. The most important thing I saw here is that how creative people could be with scratch.



This is my first attempt at scratch (scratching between meetings at work). I learned how much I rely on the work of others to do even the most simple of tasks. Thanks to all who made the blocks before me!


I animated the letters of my login, DanG. Project is - I thought it would be interesting to see what it sounded like when the letters bump into an edge after moving around randomly so I added a random music voice, note and duration every so often when the letters are bumping into an edge. I also added an “animator” sprite that drew lines around each letter as it moves about and used message passing to manage that. I added the project to the LCL 2017 Studio. Given we’re animating letters, I have to make a shout out to a famous animated letters segment, the closing credit logo to Pee-Wee’s playhouse: - the animation style that show had was a lot of fun.


Here’s my animation for this week. This was the first time I’ve used Scratch, or any programming language really, so I kept it pretty simple. That said it was a lot of fun to make this, just like playing with legos when I was kid :smile:


Hello everyone
This is the 1 st time that I’m using Scratch, I used to work with Scratch JR. That is almost the same but easier to use because its for younger kids.
It was a nice experience and useful for the future use in my class.
The link to acces is:

Thank you
Waiting for your comments.


I had so much fun animating my name. Here is what I have so far:
I plan to keep adding to it as I learn how to use more of the blocks in Scratch. I love how creative I was able to be with just a few simple blocks. I especially enjoyed playing with the color. I love color and beautiful things, so it was fun to play with color digitally. I have never really done that before.I didn’t want to stop creating and that was by far the best part of this project for me because I could spend hours on something like this and not even get bored.


I have little experience in programming. This is my first Scratch! It was easy to create something I Imagined. This is one of important factors for beginners to create new things in new ways. In my case, it was useful to refer to “see inside”.


Here you have the Sratch animation of my name. Hope you like it! I


Here is my animated name:
It was good to work through a project and get a feel for what we ask of students. How many teachers do the project when they assign it to students? Do we recognize the areas for confusion and struggle? It is important to try out projects as become a student too!


Here’s the link to my Name Animation


It was a lot of fun making this, and I spent way more time playing with it than I planned! It’s easy to see how engaging it can be to learn and create in this way.


That was fun! I’ve used scratch before but it had been a couple of years. I watched the first bit of the tutorial then wanted to do the rest on my own. I spent about 30 minutes but could have played much longer. I had to reel myself in a bit! Here’s what I came up with. Love the process of having to thing through what I want to happen & the trial and error of making it work!


I’ve decide to draw my name by programming the movement of the pen. To make it tidy - each letter is a separate function, which I can re-use or duplicate. It was real fun for sure and I’ve played a lot while creating this project. When shown the result to my kids they’ve asked lots of question and provided lots of ideas - can we make it colorful, can we change the size of the pen, can we change the position of the name on the screen…
So the initial project that was based on fixed coordinates was transformed into a drawing that was using coordinates relative to the starting point. Random color/size of the pen was provided, and after another iteration - the choice for “colorful” or one color drawing was set as a switch for the end user to decide.

As you can see the spiral of creative learning is working exactly like Mitch described it, and I’ve manage to learn along with my kids lots of new stuff for the short time we’ve played with this project (how to use specific Scratch blocks, create functions, draw circles, arcs, etc…).


dopo tanto tanto tempo mi sono divertita a fare una cosa semplice con scratch questo è il mio nome


Here is my Animate a Name project:

I followed the related tutorial initially, then started getting ideas about making the letters dance in sequence when clicking on the green flag. I got each letter into shape with a different effect and sound, then wired them together so they would play in sequence using messages. The background I chose made me think of a theater or something in New York, like something for a one-man show. I added some spotlights found through Google Images. Fun!