[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


This was my first Scratch project and I’m pretty happy with the results! I even had to do some problem solving from the original lesson and am thrilled I was able to figure it out on my own:


This was my very first attempt in the Scratch community having only explored the Scratch Junior app in the past.

Later that week I tried my first “story” in Scratch - it’s still in draft form and may only be funny to me but I noticed a real shift in my enjoyment of the experience when creating my own narrative. I still feel unsure about exactly how it all works but I found I got into a rhythm with my creation and can’t wait to go back and add more.


Here’s my animated name project.

Learning a new interface always has it’s obstacles and minor frustrations … but the drag and drop / building blocks nature of the program made it easy to learn and catch on. The tutorial window on the right side was also super useful!


I have made the activity. I think I can enter again on my project and do some variations in order not only to follow the tutorial.


Exactly! Thank you!

#475 This is a neat website for people to be creators. It is a wonderful tool for anyone looking to create projects!



That’s my project for this task.


I first began trying to create Sacratch projects @ 5 years ago with much excitement and slow, steep learning curve through CCOW. Over the past few years I have come to enjoy facilitating elementary learners create with the scratch,jr app and found myself craving the simplicity of the app! I do feel the experience I have gained through working with many dfferent learners over the years has organically developed my own level of expertise in creating with code on a more complex platform like SCRATCH. I continue to strive for my own set higher standards and are iterating to improve my simple name presentation! Jumping back into SCRATCH reminds me of the higher level intrinsic learning that goes on when creating on such a playful platform!


My project can be ween here:

My inspirations was neon markers, I wanted to have the effect that I was writing the letter with a neon marker, but I needed some more time, so I decided to instead making the letter blinks. I had to use a function and variables. I can see how it is easy it is to write code in Scratch rather than writing code on a editor. You can play around on Scratch like when I draw or write, moving things and tinkering until it is closed to my inspirations. Of course I have to set a time limit, I could spent all my day working on it.

#480 A pesar de lo sencillo que puede parecer, se pueden apreciar claramente varias etapas que uno realiza para lograr un fin.


Here’s my animated name:


I’m kaliappan this is my project please check it


This was so fun! I ended up focusing on timing for this animation.


Hi! I share with all of you my project:
I animate my name doing that each letter falls and bounce. Then, appears a frame by back like a TV and all the object change costumes, forever.



I have just share my first scratch project the url in the community space of this course
the url is:

It was a pleasant experience I thought it was going to be more difficult to animate my name but it was really fun.
I saw the initial video and then it was relatively straightforward to do it, but obviously is a very simple animation.
My plan is to develop a second version of my animation, try to learn more about scratch and about my own learning, and think about my lerning process (pitfails, errors, strategies)

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I’m a little late to this as I have been on holiday but I’m now back and trying to catch up.

Here’s an animation that shows the inspiration for my company name.


I attempted to try different effects for myself. It was a fun little project full of trial and error!


Here is my animated name :smiley: Drip drip!