[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


This is my project:

I did it with the help of my daughter (6 years old), that colored the letters and did the most of the scratch project, following my instructions.

My project workflow began with thinking about the assignment of the last week, the childhood objects: if those were the objects that represent myself, which could be the animation of my name? The thought was in my mind for a couple of days and then I put them on my notebook:

Then I moved to the Scratch implementation, I asked for review to my wife, did some adjustment and finally I shared it!


This is a great thinking outside the box project. I love it.


A great take on the project goals. You must be very patient. This will be one that I will be showing my students.


I enjoyed this very much. Animate is to bring to life. You certainly did that.


This is lovely. I liked it even more because I can just see a little one clicking and laughing and giggling every time it’s run… Your son must love running it over and over and over again.


Here is the animation of my name:

I used send/receive broadcast blocks to link sprites and hide/show them at the appropriate times. Using the broadcast blocks was something I wanted to refresh my memory on. If I had more time, I’d include music and perhaps find a different background.


Once you share your program, everyone has access to the code.


I quite enjoyed your program. Loved you letter carrying ballerina.


I did enjoy it.


A great follow the leader program.


Better late than never right?
I found this quite interesting - but some of the animations I created haven’t worked. Since I only had 30 minutes of spare time to work on this I wasn’t able to go back and figure out what was wrong. hopefully when I have a bit more time I can explore this programme further!


Project animates my name Lia (this is how my friends call me). Lia comes from Evangelia, an uncommon first name for women, which has the meaning “good news”.


Esta actividad nos hace volver a pensar como niños, usar la imaginación y crear. Para mí es entretenido crear en Scratch siempre hay algo nuevo que aprender.


Shared my name project…this is a good activity for getting students initiated to basic
Scratch. The step-by-step instruction is helpful for the kids who need instruction to get going. A majority of my students need to see them self as successful in an activity before they will dive in and take chances.


This is my project


Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it : )


Oh I love it, especially the way you made the ‘i’ - thanks for sharing!


This is my link i made it with Makey Makey so i really enjoy it!


#469 Not too fancy.