[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


Here you have the project for the week. Enjoy and comment, please.


Animate a name



here’s my first time and first project in scratch :
i feel that i want more time to play and try another project


I agree - this would make a great activity to do with children!


I love it! Isn’t this a great example of what the creative learning spiral is all about?! Reflecting on the project so far and then imaging what else it can do … #creative


Here is my name animation project. I personalised it by using a photo I took today as the background. At first I felt quite grumpy that I have a long name and therefore more work to do, but then I realised I could create my animation to work like a row of dominoes so that each letter animates one after the other. Because I like music, I decided to get each letter to play a musical note, and in this case, I used a pentatonic scale to create something harmonious.


I enjoyed using the basic coding. It was much easier than I expected.


I’ve been exploring curves this week after spending a day with an amazing creator who builds 3D curved paper structures by folding 2 d paper with straight lines. So I thought I’d have a go with something similar in scratch. You can try to create your name (or one letter in your name) with curves created by clicking the star sprite to stamp it in 3 spots, then pressing the space key to draw a curve. Click more and you can create another curve. I’d love to see your results! The project is here:


That was fun! I’ve played a little bit with scratch before - at school we also use mblock to programme mBots - so was great to transfer skills. My year 8 students are expert scratchers and transferred their skills to using mblock. I’ve also just brought a micro:bit and the interface looks like scratch - can’t wait to tinker with it - I think my scratch and mblock experience will help!

I was able to follow the ‘animate your name’ tutorial very easily and was able to ‘tinker’ a little to create the my desired effect but could easily spent a lot more tinkering time on it! Loved how the tutorial was on the left hand side of the screen - this would be an awesome way to introduce scratch to my students (I’ve recently created a teacher account in scratch).

I uploaded a photo I took from my travels - my partner and I tramp (go hiking) and the next 3 sounds I added were downloaded and uploaded from the freesound website It was great to be able to personalise - I chose a cat sound to represent our cat, birds song to represent the birds we hear on our tramps and waves…because I love being near the sea.


The frustrating thing about animation, I’m directionally challenged!! On top of that, I need to remember the sprite’s boundaries are a square around it and this can impact position. I’ll have to work on this.

No razzle dazzle here. But …


I love Scratch. It makes me feel young. I am able to create and interact my ideas. I feel so good to be creative and innovative with Scratch. With Scratch, I can easily connect with my children.
My Animate a Name Project:


This is my project


I never thought I would enjoy programming… I was planning to give it 10 minutes max! I ended up spending almost an hour!!

This was so much fun and I believe nest time I will express myself more in my future projects!!!



My Name Animation

Well, that was fun! I learned a lot about Scratch and enjoyed my first experience programming! Thank’s LCL.


I have done this activity previously, but found it to be a good review of the basic commands. My 4th had 5th graders projects always eclipse mine!


Hola ya habia utilizado un poco el Scratch aqui les dejo mi proyecto, manteniendo la escencia de las intrucciones.


This is amazing!! I love the effect of the combined lines. Thank you for sharing a tool for us to make with! :slight_smile: