[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


Here is my first project on Scratch =)


Here’s my animated name. I loved the activity!


It was lots of fun doing the animate a name activity!


So I wanted to make the letters of my name living things and have them kind of drag/walk onto the stage. I didn’t see a list of letters so I figured I would draw my own. I do tend to get hung up on creating each piece of a project. This always seems to manifest into a bunch of my projects being half completed on a shelf.

With this project I made the conscious decision to not get too involved in creating the characters, but rather focus on the animation. Knowing that I can get different sprites to react based on other sprites actions I made a few simple scripts for each sprite to give it movement. I did a shortened version of my name for some of the same reasons I didn’t take a long time creating the characters.

Here is my link to the project.


A little late, but here you go!



here it is my link!

I didn’t find the way to share the embed code… and that was a little bit frustrating. any way, it was too much fun with this activity! love it!


clic NOR letters and my heart also, and look what happens!

cliquea las letras NOR y también mi corazón, y ve lo que ocurre!


This is my projects
I’m very happy


It’s my first project in Scratch: I need to explore deeper options available in Scratch. So far I had fun playing with it :slight_smile:


My three-years old son loves the sea, especially sharks and crabs. We did this project together and I chose his name, Tito, to animate because it is the only written word he recongnizes.


I have animated my name without any sound.

Pls view project here.


I was more interested about making a kind of keyboard with the letters of my name than animate them. The program can be easily modify to write other melodies (with more sprites).
I use the blocks and messages to write quickly the melody.
It’s easy to modify the script to play sound with keyboard instead of listening a “recorded melody”.



This is my animated name. I’ve already used Scratch but I’ve never animated a name. It has been an interesting activity and I’ve learned some new features.


I really like how you used broadcasts to make the whole animation play out! Cool idea. Scratch has some letter sprites in the library if you wanted them - “New Sprite” -> “Category:Letters” - but I like how distinctive your letters look, the angular look is really nice :slight_smile:


My first project with scratch…very interesting! but How can I improve the rolling code?


I’m a little behind, because I took this project a bit farther than assigned. #sorrynotsorry

In conversations with some colleagues who are also in this class, the amazing @Liese mentioned that, given the theme of having students CREATE using technology, she wanted to create an Animate Your Name project that allowed users to CREATE. I’m not sure how far she got with it, but that thought prompted me to try to do the same.

So I created a Scratch project that allows the user to choose a backdrop and enter their own name, which is then animated. It’s not quite having users create, but it’s a step toward that. Here it is:


Here’s my name animation --> I added a change of backdrop to coincide with the change in costume of each letter. I used the vector mode in the sprite paint editor to create the animation using seven costumes per letter. It took me more time to create each letter sprite because I was got caught up in playing with the reshaping tool to create letters from an oval shape. To add more to the program, I might next add music or a beat to each change or add a conditional statement (if/else) to make the colors of the letter costumes to be in contrast to the backdrop colors.


Saludos compañeros

aporto mi granito de arena, muy divertida la actividad.