[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


I have played shortly with scratch about a year ago, to try and get my girls interested, but no luck.
I started with a simple find a font, place them on the canvas, but found I had chosen costumes instead of sprites, which I didn’t quite understand.

  1. Trial and error (typical me)
    Iterate: adding some animation from the corners in to where I wanted them to be.
  2. add some more complexity.
    Iterate: adding a popping sound each time a letter landed in place.
  3. more complexity.
    Iterate: rotate the letters after landing in place, but couldn’t get the M to rotate. So I changed it’s colour instead.
  4. adapt what I want with what is possible
    Iterate: add click event to the letters to make them larger and add speech bubble to inform user.
  5. play with stuff in the toolbox.

This is pretty much my standard approach to any programming project I do, at work or home. So it was nice to see my process being adapted to a new tool. What was also typical for me personally was the speed at which it became boring to me. It’s difficult to stick with a made-up-project, maybe it would be different if it was something I had a passion about…


I had made one of these before doing the activity with my third graders. It’s a lot of fun.




This is my own interpretation of the week 2 activity


I was playing around with different features. I still have a long way to go with learning how to use the features and how to get the effects on the computer that I imagine in my head. However, this was so much fun!!!

I was incredibly impressed with the different shared projects up on the Scratch website.


Hello everyone,
my animated video ( took me quite some time since I’m not very good at coding or at least I need someone to make me understand it in person. None the last, I did it 5 times with my name and it didn’t go quite so good, then my 7-year old daughter said “Why not use my name, perhaps it will go better”. And so I did. I know it’s not the best, but it’s the first thing I did in Scratch, the first thing that actually works.
Perhaps more instructions for the dummies like myself? That’s what I would add.




Here’s my humble project for Week 2 of this exciting LCL course:
I hope you like it. Keep scratching! :blush:




I’ve had a little experience with Scratch. This project was fun to create.


My second time. I´m realy having problems, but I think now is better. :slight_smile:


Cool project ! I’ll follow you explorations from now on. Until I understand how to make it right, my solution is often to cheat (usually by adding an extra second in the script) to synchronise animation and sound but I feel this is not the proper way :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!
At long last am through with my first scratch project. It was fun doing what I lacked is the time but all in all it was a good experience


probably not… :joy: but it’s true that it’s tricky…


Mani Bharathy.

Simple Project.


it took me a while but I did it



I have done this project with students A LOT and it is super fun! I have included an image of my work, cause I connected a MakeyMakey to my computer to trigger the animations. My project can be found here:


Ecco l’animazione del mio nome!!!


This is my first project. It was amazing. I try a lot of times, and I learn something new each time. My doughter Lucía, taught me how to create at scratch.
It was a great experience!!!


Hi, here is my scratch based project: my name.