[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


O Scratch é muito complexo. Legal para programação, mas requer tempo. Vou tentando me aperfeiçoar. Uma hora consigo.


I have been using Scratch with my students since it first was invented, way back when you had to download it to use it! It is a great pathway into coding for my students. Here is my link to my name -


A little late to the party, but here’s my name:

I’ve tried Scratch before and looks like it’s improved a lot since the last time I tried. As an experienced programmer scratch isn’t the most flexible tool I’ve ever used, but definitely something I can use with my own kids :slight_smile:


Here is my project!

For me, It was not easy to use scratch. I’m not so good with computers :sweat_smile: I was not abble to create something more interesting. If I had more time, I would try hard.

I made my boyfriend’s name becuse he is a computer scientist so I wanted to surprise him.


I was inspired by Week 1’s assignment and decided to use Lite Bright as my inspiration for the animate name project.


And here is my animated name…


Novice at work… I can’t wait to experiment some more.


Here is my project:

I have wanted to do similar animation for a long time.


@David, nice animation! And Popcorn rocks!


Playing with Scratch and the name activity. Can see how useful this activity could be for the beginning coder in regards to animation and the creation of custom functions, etc.:yum:


This was fun! Now I have a great example to share with my students about learning from your mistakes and having the grit to keep trying.



Ecco il mio progetto! Non è granché, ma per me significa molto perché non ero ancora riuscita a concluderne uno! E’ vero… chi non risica, non rosica!


Here is my Scratch project. I had fun and learned a little about using Scratch while doing this project.


This task was realy difficult for me. After more than an hour I did that, I will try again tomorrow. :slight_smile:
How can I see prewiev in this programe, not to get back everytime I want to see, what I did.



This is my project for the Week #2 exercise of Learning Creative Leearning course. I´ve enjoyed a lot learning how to use Scratch. It was exactly the Idea-Design-Play cycle the teacher talks about!


This is my first Scratch project:


It was a new activity to propose to my pupils in my Scratch workshop. I am dealing with new ways to implement their learning and this can add a good value to their projects.


Hi guys, this is my project Name! I really enjoyed the process of creation. I had never worked with Scratch, and now that I experience it, I consider it is a wonderful tool to learn and teach programming skills in an easy and enjoyable way.