[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


Finally got around to creating my name animation. I have used scratch before so for me it wasn’t too hard. I really should of taken more time to make a #NextLevel project. I may add some more to it over the next day.

I think the hardest part for me was just coming up with an idea on how to animate as there is so much you can do in Scratch with your assets. In mine I made it so when you click the letters, the letter animate but I also through in a quick broadcast to make the catch say a few things as well. Always love playing with Scratch!

Link to the project here…



Still think you did great with this Summer! Its definitley a bit of learning at the beginning but once you understand the different blocks and what they do, you will be creating stuff like you have been doing it for years. Going through the tutorials are really great. Also below are a few blocks to look out for to help you with your frsutrations.

Make an effect stop - Use the ‘Clear Graphic Effects’ Block
End - I think you could use the ‘Stop’ block. This will stop any code running
speed up/slow down/flow - This is a bit or a funny one but you could use the ‘Wait’ block and put it in between parts of your code yo slow down the flow between each bit of code.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


quite fun
I tried to make something playful


Hi. I quickly made the Scratch project which allows you to see (and hear!) my name in English and Japanese! Enjoy!


@yuukai Great idea :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing in Scratch for a few months now and had already done an animated letters project. I tried to come up with something new for this assignment, but was distracted by a desire to come up with something fun for Halloween. So, in the end, I gave up trying to do the set assignment and finished my Halloween Project instead. I have recently discovered the video motion blocks and wanted to figure out how to use them. It took a lot of trial-and-error and a lot of playing around with it until it worked the way I wanted it to.


I have done the “Animate your Name” project in our first lesson.

So now I have tried another way to do this. I wanted to combine outside and inside activities:



Thank you!

Yeah, I’m exploring a lot the musical side of Scratch these days. And sync is a difficult issue, indeed. Most of my projects don’t deal with it directly, actually. Only with this one, I think, I spent some time on that matter: you can set up a tempo and then can record a quantized performance by rounding the time measurements. Something I want to explore further…


Hey, here is a link to my SCRATCH project.

My Animated Name

I had a lot of fun creating this. It was great trying and retrying different blocks of code until I had my name animated the way I wanted it.

Will definitely try this out with my students.


Animation of my name.


Olá nobres amigos do curso Aprendizagem Criativa,

Eu estou apresentado aqui o meu trabalho dessa segunda semana.

Dê uma olhada, e se possível tente participe.


Clique para acesso a atividade Anime o seu nome.


Nice animation!!


Very cool.


This is a nice tutorial that we used during Hour of Code last year:


I have a background in Computer Science and have been teaching scratch to grade 2-6 in library this term. the students completed this activity and it looked fun so I was excited to give it a go too. it didn’t take too long to get a fun result andthere is still a lot of tinkering I could happily go on with. It’s easy to see why the students are so engaged!



I’ve helped many students through this activity but I don’t think I’ve ever actually completed it. Tons of fun!

On a side note, I’m a little surprised we can’t embed our scratch projects with the embed code!



I’ve been Scratching for a while now, but it is always fun to come back and generate another variation of a classic starter project that I often see kids having fun with.


Really enjoyed this project - tried to think of something different to do for each letter…I’m sure my code club members (after school club I host in school) would have thought of much more creative ideas…sprites being hit by rocks and squished seems to be popular at the moment…!!!


Just another to end the week…


Just plain ole 5mm