[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


I had a lot of fun doing this project and working through the block codes. Even though I ran into some barriers and challenges, it was fun to puzzle them out and see my project come alive. In reflection, there are many things that I might do differently next time or try again. I was really inspired too by the many many different ways people completed this task! I can certainly see the benefits and learning opportunities in the classroom.


Thank you!


Très chouette!
Voici un lien vers un projet que j’ai réalisé il y a quelque temps avec des élèves débutants.Il suffit de cliquer sur les pixels désirés pour modifier la couleur.
Les projets que je mets en ligne sont des projets simples, pour débutants, avec des notions accessibles pour des élèves du primaire à partir du CE2. Les notions de coordonnées (X et Y) ne sont pas encore acquises lorsqu’ils débutent avec Scratch. On y vient petit à petit!


This took me a lot longer and had a lot more troubleshooting than I expected. I did find it satisfying when I discovered how to do the things I wanted. I wound up consulting some of my coworkers about it and discovering multiple ways to achieve the same goals. In my project each letter that you click transports you somewhere different. It definitely made me glad to only have a 4 letter name, haha. Here it is:


My project


Here’s my animated name!!

I have some Scratch experience, and I wanted to try something crazy.

So I took an idea I had developed some years ago (on Max) and applied it to the name activity.

It’s been so much fun:smiley:

Enjoy it!


Cool!!! I liked it a lot :smiley:

Nice work… :stuck_out_tongue:

Impressive! Nice idea to let us write our own names :slight_smile:


I have several times tried this activity with my students and I find it’s funny.

This time I have had the idea of making the letters of my name to move like a mexican wave.

This is the result: Name Animation


Wow! Scratch is great fun, I wanted to share my experience of getting to grips with the program with my animation…


I love the fact that your letters are traced and you can see the chaos (or not)! It reminds me of something that Roger Antonsen did with the number 4/3’s in a TED talk on mathematics, if you haven’t seen it you might really like it…


Très sympa et plus ergonomique que mon bazar :slight_smile: Et effectivement, c’est faisable par un débutant. Avec ce Mooc, je réalise que c’est vraiment bien de partager ses projets, comme tu le fais, sur Scratch : je ne travaille jamais en ligne mais désormais, je vais m’efforcer de partager tous mes projets ! À coté de mon activité de graphiste, je mène également des ateliers de création numérique avec des enfants à partir de 8 ans mais ce n’est pas dans un cadre scolaire, ce qui permet évidemment beaucoup plus de choses : travailler avec un groupe de 4 à 12 gosses d’âges variés, ça n’a rien à voir avec le fait de gérer une classe de 30 :slight_smile: Bon mais du coup, j’ai mes petites techniques pour leur faire comprendre abscisse et ordonnée : j’explique avec deux métaphores simples (une personne qui avance et recule pour x et la tête sous l’eau et au dessus de l’eau pour y et après, j’ai plusieurs jeux où on donne une estimation de la coordonnée d’un point, notamment un qui se déroule dans l’espace réel. Je leur fait également découvrir les variables : ils ne les réinvestissent que pour des choses assez évidentes (score, temps de jeu) mais ils comprennent assez vite le truc, je trouve. Mais pourquoi ne nous rejoins-tu pas sur le groupe francophone ? Pour ma part, je poste sur les deux mais le groupe francophone est plus restreint : ça permet des échanges plus approfondis je trouve :


Thank you :slight_smile:


Went super minimalistic, but you can discover the animations by clicking on the letters! I tried to make something different from what I was seeing and also representative of my own style :slight_smile: also, a detail about me embedded!

This was my first time using scratch and I loved it! I was super impressed by the wealth of creative options. Once I started exploring, it was super intuitive and I could easily see how different components could come together to create awesome effects - definitely reminds me why I love the creativity of coding in the first place. We may consider using it for a short lesson for mentoring girls in a nearby middle/high school.


This is my interpretation of the animate name:

It is inspired by a word clock (without l) seen in a store.

It’s not a wonderful job as some of the ones already published but, you may still consider yourself lucky that I abandoned the shakespeare inspiration I had at the beginning.
There were a lot of roses, and ever more mess! :wink:


Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out :smiley:


The design is really cool actually !


I watched your Scratch projects : very interresting, especially because they are involving sound. How do you deal with synchronisation : to me, that’s one of the most tricky thing with Scratch. I really have to check your code :slight_smile:



Ecco il mio progetto scratch

È piuttosto semplice e sbrigativo poiché in questo periodo ho poco tempo, ma ho cercato di utilizzare più animazioni possibili e, per rendere tutto più fruibile, ho usato come controllo il click sulla bandierina verde per tutte le lettere.



I did not have a lot of time to experiment with this. I found myself frustrated when I wasn’t sure how to make an effect stop/end/speed up/slow down/flow. I’d definitely like to learn more about Scratch and take the time to dive deeper, because it’s definitely a new program for me.