[Week 2 Activity] Animate a Name


Welcome to week 2 activity!

This week, you’ll learn how to make a Scratch project to animate the letters of your name — or any other word you like!

Activity steps

  1. Open the Animate a Name activity on Scratch
  2. Make your own project by following the tutorial (or download the activity cards). Feel free to try your own variation!
  3. Share your project on the Scratch website (create a Scratch account if you’re new to the community).
  4. Share a link to your Scratch project here, and describe your experience of making it, by replying to this post

Need help with Scratch?
Use the Scratch forum category to share resources, ask questions, and support each other!

Other options
If you prefer, you can also make and animate a name using different materials and media other than Scratch. Check out these videos for extra inspiration: Eric, Colby, Yumiko, Carmelo

Looking forward to trying your projects, and learning about your creative process!

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This is my scratch project for animating a name
Scratch - Untitled-3
My project on scratch
Korean guidance - Week 2 Activity
Animate a Name
My Name Animation Project
[Activité de la 2e semaine] Animer un prénom
unlisted #2

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Rather than animate my name, I animated the title of a project I want students to remix when they document their robotics work.


This was my first time using Scratch. I definitely had some frustrations as I did not always interpret what they blocks meant correctly and then my animation would not behave as I expected. My frustration was managable and I felt proud when I was done.


Ecco il mio nome animato!!!


Orgogliosa del mio primo progetto Scratch!!


Wow! This was a first time for me! I enjoyed it a lot but there were times I felt frustrated while using it…I almost followed the directions word for word!!!


This is my name is made with suite tags, the picture is processed as a negative.
I collected some tags as i would use them in an artistic composition made by recycled materials.

Here is my animation


This is my name animation.
I used just a bunch of random movements as an excuse to play good music.
I’m glad I have a short name. Enjoy!


Sono riuscita ad animare il mio nome. Premetto la mia poca dimistichezza nell’usare SCRATCH. Tuttavia sto cercando di imparare ad utilizzarlo perchè lo trovo davvero uno strumento innovativo per lo sviluppo della creatività… Non nego di aver seguito il tutorial per la realizzazione. :wink:


Rather than just animate my name, I tried to make a little game of it.


Scusate volevo chiedere un’informazione: qualcuno sa dirmi come si aggiunge il progetto qui ?


Although i know Scratch a little bit now I have learnt something new :slight_smile:
I also taught it to my daughter and she enjoyed and feel proud to see her name aplhabets singing and dancing :slight_smile:

We shared the first exercise and added to LCL Projects. Thanks for beautiful and easy to follow instructions.

We enjoyed the first practical session. Thank you.


I actually went ahead and created my name and played around with effects with little guidance from the tutorials. I really only relied on the instruction when it came time to share my project.

Through my own exploration of Scratch, I learned much more than what might have been provided in formal instruction. Perhaps the best component of this project is its semi-structured nature. While there was a general guideline of animating our names, we had the creative license to do what we wanted. I found the sound and color effects, for example, to be really intriguing and fun to manipulate. Motion was less interesting to me, but other could have played around with that animation rather extensively if they wished. Another feature was the section for instructions and notes. Those are really useful in coding and I am glad to see them implemented in Scratch.

Thank you for this opportunity to work with Scratch!


I did my name animation several weeks ago but it still feels recent enough to fit this request.

And, sorry, I didn’t use the tips page for this project. Sometimes you just intentionally want to go outside the lines.


Wow! Loved your animation!


Fun way to animate your name :slight_smile:


Che divertente! Lo hai trovato molto difficile a fare?


Mi piace come le lettere muovano in tempo con la musica!