[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


I’ll choose the second P: Passion. For me, passion is the driving forcing for any other P. Human beings are hard wired to have some sort of motivation to pursue a certain goal. It will be better if this motivation is intrinsic and it will be best if this motivation is passion, pure passion. A large number of population now, go to their 9 to 5 jobs because they have to. This vicious circle starts from an early age, when kids are forced to learn, why? just because they have to. I believe passion is key for learning to happen and have a long lasting impact on people’s life.


I am curious and excited about the play aspect of the 4P’s! The idea of adults having the opportunity to explore through play is super exciting and I would love to take part. If only I could explore MIT for a week… sigh. It’s an amazing concept because I am confident that myself, along with all other adults, would actually learn something of value to be used in real life upon exploring objects that otherwise would not be explored.


My preferred P is Project, because give you the possibility to explore with your mind every single combination of stuffs to solve your problem an then make a choice.


I guess it’s passion since it is what gives me some sense of purpose to the other Ps and any other activity.


Play and passion. Comes in one for me, where it all starts. For kids to…


I would go with Passion. I think the passion can be a starting point, once I get interested in something, then I start to research deeper, and to develop wider on it. People willing to spend time on what they are interested in. Passion can become a research project, can gather your peers work with you, and you can enjoy it.


A child is playing balls and structures on an overhead projector

I was a system engineer in Tokyo, working on large-scale system solution projects for infrastructure industry in Japan. I think I know the importance of projects and peers. With the help of peers, one gets to complete large-scale projects that usually take months or even years to complete. Passion is the source of motivation; it is intrinsic to any success as it keeps us going and going even if the odds of success is considerably low.

I’m particularly interested about the role of play in creative learning. Especially in terms of the kind of learning experiences play can bring to learners. How long will the effect of learning last? How can teachers be confident that children have learnt something through out the play process?

We all want our children to learn in a way that’s most relevant to themselves. I do believe, LCL offers us many possibilities in this direction!


For me, I would have to choose the P: Passion. Simply because this seems to be the foundation. If there is no interest or we can’t connect it to an inner passion, there will be limitations as to how much is learned and retained. I think creating and awakening passion in kids is huge. As they are emerging and developing into people of society they are learning about themselves, their strengths, weakness and interests. It’s so important as educators for us to nurture this discovery and encourage it. Always learning about our students as people and encouraging them by drawing connections to their interests or allowing them to choose and explore. The older our students are the more essential this is as they begin to hone in to what it is they enjoy doing or the direction they intend to go in with their life. If people are passionate about it there will be no limits as to how much they invest in their education.


I agree with this! Passion is foundational! For example, in college science has never been my favorite subject. Taking a class where we would have opportunities to do projects/experiments was engaging however because my passion isn’t for those discoveries my investment still had limitations. I would approach it more from a ‘let’s get this done’ mentality. I didn’t have such a level of comfort and enjoyment that I necessarily enjoyed the process which would have allowed me to get the most out of it. Although I did well, this is minimal to the way I respond to my education classes. My brain fires connections a mile a minute without me even trying and hands on activities have meaning. Therefore, I take my time and go above and beyond! From this example it shows me how crucial passion is!


I am in Korea which may be one of the most competitive societies. Students from early ages are struggling with grades for better schools and being pressured by their parents too much. Competition is that strong in the US too?


I go for the Project P as I believe that the other 3 P’s somehow come naturally once the project unfolds.


Project. I like it because it’s a great way to have students engage in the lesson. These projects can include some Higher Order Thinking Skills & Lower Order Thinking Skills.


At this time it is Play that sparks my curiosity. I want to learn how to play again.[quote=“lcl-team, post:1, topic:56, full:true”]
This week we are going to reflect on the core ideas of Creative Learning by playing with the 4P’s.

We’d love to hear:

Which one among the 4P’s (Projects, Passion, Peers and Play) are you particularly curious or excited about, and why?

Pick one and share your thoughts by replying to this post.

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I choose Projects! Even when I fail, I always enjoy the beginning, middle and end.


I would have to choose Passion. I have worked on many projects, with many peers, and learned little or hated the process because of the group. But when you have passion for what you are doing, and can build passion in the ones you are with, then the world is changed.


Me too! I love the idea of building their passion as opposed to just lecturing. Plus, i work with SPED. Getting their excitement built and their passions high about a subject or activity makes all the difference!


I am most excited about play because I love working with little people especially any age kindergarten and below. I believe play should not be something we stop doing as we grow older, but rather something we do throughout our lives.


I am most curious to learn about passion. Many times in education we forget about passion and substitute it with forcing the children to memorize and recite information to improve testing scores. We forget that learning goes beyond memory and recitation. Children/individuals learn best when they can make that learning their own and are passionate about it. Passion is not synthetic and cannot be manufactured, but it can be encouraged. I am curious to learn how to encourage a passion for learning in my students and how to use their passions to drive learning.


Play is such an essential part of learning, especially for young children. I also agree with you that play is something that we should not stop doing rather it should change/adapt as we grow. Building on that, I think we need to change our definition of play. As we grow older we may not continue to play (in the sense that we may not play with dolls or other toys) as we did when we were younger; however, that does not remove the importance of play. Play can still be used via experimentation or even roleplaying through scenarios.


That is a well thought out response about the importance of play, mas116025. I agree that it should change as we become older. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!