[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


it would have to be play for me. I am very much interested in play being integrated to work and workshops at work for innovation and business creation. I find this will empower the innovation process and helps with a lot of unlearning


I am most interested in play. As a homeschool mom, often I have missed seeing the value of play in learning. I observe them take every opportunity to build Legos or extend their outdoor recess time. We get a lot done, but after they engage in playing, I have often thought of the process of regrouping my kids for the more structured part of our school time (namely reading and math) as an obstacle. In hearing the value of playing, I am reconsidering my mindset.



Definitely passion! Nothing beats being so engrossed in something that you don’t know the time has passed. I love that state of flow! It’s something I’m very conscious of especially in education as the day is carved out into ‘blocks’ of time…often short periods of time.


For me the P I’m most curious about is Project, as in Project-based Learning.

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.

Any one of the P’s however goes hand in hand with the other 3. There would be no worthwhile project without a level of Passion for the Project; engaged in through Play; and interacting with Peers.

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La Pasion y el juego (Play), tienen una relacion para mi muy especial por la conexion de todas las emociones al trabajar juntas, hoy dia entiendo despues de la lecturas de los autores recomendados, como de niño me inventaba tantas cosas con tanta facilidad y no parar de seguir construyendo, y es que habia encontrado esta conexion de una manera natural, pero lo interesantes es que eso fue posible gracias a la libertad a experimentar que me dieron mis padres, oportunidad que deberiamos darle a los chicos hoy.


I wish to understand better the concept of Project as a way of enhancing the opportunities for learning with Passion, among Peers, through Play.


As a teacher, Projects capture my attention. But as a mother, Play. My students seem to struggle to complete things, so I hope that learning how to narrow down their MANY ideas to a single project at a time is something that is possible. We started keeping a journal of ideas, practicing group brainstorms, making choices, and following through. Many kids are like the dog in Up: “Squirrel!” If they can define their project I am hoping they can stick with it.


I a project person. I look for real-world/business world applications for my students. Coding fits all the P’s but my analytical side needs the projects.


I am passionate about all four P’s. Each one leads a person on a journey of discovery and empowerment. If had to choose it would be Projects and Peers. The is an old saying ‘many hands make light work’ I would like to add this saying ‘Many creative and passionate minds make for innovation’


I am particularly curious about Projects.

I feel that Passion, Peers and Play all can be encountered / developed when people work as a team on a project. As a teacher in high school, I always try to incorporate the 3Ps but with curriculum requirements I struggle to define extended projects — but I really want to do better!


That’s a very good point! I personally feel I don’t have a very specific Passion - I do feel passionate about lots of things but nothing that would hold my attention for longer than a few months. And Passion in my students feels entangled with context (eg the personality of the teacher affects the passion for the subject)


Ah, you offer a narrow hypothesis with a very cynical association. Perhaps you could allow room for a slight pivot toward the humanity of these four Ps and look to the unique possibilities that this pivot away from market models offers us, particularly for our children.


I am the most curious about passion. I love watching young children develop passion towards something that piques their interest. I love seeing the moment they discover their love for a certain object or idea. Therefore, I feel I am most curious and excited about passion, but I can’t wait to take a deeper dive into all four P’s of Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play.


I am most interested in Projects. As a science teacher, we do a lot of projects throughout the year and I would like to find a way to make project-based learning in my classroom more effective for all students.


Hi Sue, Nope, I think it widens perspectives as reactionary thinking so often disguises itself as radical (Check Corey Robin, The Reactionary Mind, 2017) and although what appears to be a pivot away from market models could actually be seen as a way to sell more Lego and create more obedient but innovative employees. I am not criticizing the course, I am just developing my own version that probably is more in tune with the critical pedagogy that is my own ‘passion’ that has been only vaguely referred to so far which is crucial, particularly for all of us, not just children, and the planet. ps Cynicism is a great compliment, for the cynics the goal of life is eudaimonia, human flourishing and mental clarity or lucidity, living in accord with Nature as understood by human reason.


All four Ps are important but I find the projects and passion on top. As a teacher i believe that if you want to make students passionate you have to be passionate as a teacher as vell. And the passion comes with the project or authenthic task.


Olá… boa tarde!
Não há gosto por apenas um, mas por todos!!! E gostaria de saber, estudar e analisar cada um deles…


At the risk of being royally roasted, I am going to play devil’s advocate a bit regarding passion. I am fortunate enough to do something for a living that I am passionate about, and I hope my kids are someday able to do so, as well. However, I think we have reached such a fetish state when talking about passion that we treat having to do something we are not passionate about as some sort of failure (something else we tend to over romanticize). While I believe students engage more in learning they are passionate about, it is not a requirement. Drive and grit are super-critical traits that allow us to persevere and do even great things, even if we are not fired up about the activity. Pride and integrity may be even more important. I think the over-emphasis on passion is often used to create a built-in excuse for shoddy or uninspired effort. I will use my wife as an example. She is an amazing elementary PE teacher who loves her students and works many hours honing her craft and creating a fantastic learning environment. However, if you ask her if she is passionate about teaching PE, she will tell you no without hesitation. She is passionate about her family and her home, and work is something that is necessary for both. She has enough drive to do great work in spite of this lack of passion. I think that we need to focus more on drive and less on passion and recognize that the two are not the same thing.


Passion, how to engage students to find their Passion using Scratch or other tool. Students have so many options now a day, that they are selective. And if they are not selective, they are careful about how to engage with adults. Sometime, what an adult is excited about it, will not be the same for students. Presentations has a lot to do. But once they find their Passion, then they are self motivated to learn.


We all want to incorporate all 4 P’s! :grinning:

Each time I’m SURE I’ve made my decision, I change my mind! Play is the overall umbrella. I provide Playful opportunities to discover Passion through Peer Projects!