[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!

  • Projects. People learn best when they are actively working on meaningful projects – generating new ideas, designing prototypes, refining iteratively.
  • Peers. Learning flourishes as a social activity, with people sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and building on one another’s work.
  • Passion. When people work on projects they care about, they work longer and harder, persist in the face of challenges, and learn more in the process.
  • Play. Learning involves playful experimentation – trying new things, tinkering with materials, testing boundaries, taking risks, iterating again and again.

My personal ranking of the 4Ps is: 1. Passion 2. Peers 3. Play 4. Projects
This is evident when we want to facilitate a learner-centered environment where students can pursue their own interests and create their own problems to solve.


My choice is projects.

A project idea is like a dream and working towards making it a reality is the most fulfilling thing for me in life. Passion and play are essential ingredients to make the project a reality.


A difficult selection, but I eventually decided on ‘passion’. This is because I feel that creativity works best if there is an element of passion involved (preferrable a truck-load of passion). In today’s education system I’ve seen many children move along the conveyor belt of learning - many doing well and sucessfully attaining great results, but are they passionate about their learning? Is the learning driving them, or is it the thought of achieving an A pass rate? Just like the students in China, being an ‘A’ student is not necessarily going to enable them to be a success in today’s - or tomorrow’s world. Instead, we need the ‘X’ student. Students with passion, just like the passion that Seymour Papert had about gears - even at the age of two! I’m really looking forward to following my passion and supporting others (both young and old) along the way.


I’m particularly interested in passion. I’m interested to learn more about how to ignite students passion while still teaching concepts that need to be taught and how I can support teachers doing this more often.


La P che mi interessa maggiormente è quella di Play. Sono un’insegnate di scuola primaria e penso che nella scuola sia ancora difficile accettare fino in fondo l’incertezza dell’apprendimento attraverso il gioco. La cultura dominante è ancora quella della standardizzazione. Io invece vorrei riuscire a togliermi questo fardello culturale.


What a great question. These 4 Ps are definitely things that a} spark my interest as a learner and b) things we just don’t think about enough in education. I would have to say the one that I am looking at right now is projects. The idea of Project based learning encompasses all of the others. I think that projects are the way that I think. Take on a little bit at a time. Then I can tackle more in the future. since failing is not only an option, it is the way to learn, projects let us fail a little at a time, then pick up and try again.


Wow, tough to choose as they are all super, BUT, lol, I choose play. Why? I think play is rather misunderstood and often seen as much less than what it is, or might be. Here are a few thoughts:

  • I love Maria Montessori’s idea that "Play is the work of the child
  • the idea of the Reggio Emilia approach to education that a child’s play has profound possibility for learning, understanding, and joy (for both the teacher and child)
  • Uri Alon’s suggestion that improv (play) is incredibly important for the highest levels of thinking and discovery
  • also the idea of mini-c creativity - often the creativity that children experience - which is full of discovery, learning, and deep thinking.


I’m most excited about the Play. As a Science teacher I love giving students the chance to discover on their own and develop their own learning. Students that research things that interests them are highly engaged.


Wow, how can one choose as the 4Ps are intrinsically interrelated! I believe Passion will propel anyone anywhere, yet without peers to expand our views even passsion becomes less fulfilling. Also, I have yet to run into someone with a playful attitude that doesn’t unknowingly inspire a positive, curious spirit in others.


I am most excited about play because I feel that students are much more engaged when they perceive the learning as a fun experience (play). I also want to help my students develop a love for the field of technology in a creative way and less as a consumer of technology.


That’s too difficult to choice in 4Ps. But I think the Project is very important, because if you have an interesting project, you will have passion and enjoy while playing it even you want to play it with your friend as peer.
But I think, we need a big Passion to create a Project be like that (it looks like: which first - hen or egg?)


per me tra le 4 p la più importante è la passione perchè la passione è il motore della conoscenza, è importante coltivare le proprie passioni… svilupparle e perseverare … penso che proprio a scuola debba essere compito fondamentale di ogni docente fare in modo che ogni studente cotivi le proprie passioni


It’s difficult to say, each P means a lot and it seems that they can’t exist one without the other … probably Passion is the first to born and then all comes after …


I’m especially interested in “passion” – that is, how different kids get “turned on” as learners by different things and different aesthetics, and how school can be structured to take advantage of that.


PLAY for me too!!! As an Early Childhood Teacher, and a mom of 3 young children (aged 10, 4 and 2.6) I love watching, observing how play of young children evolves - how they resolve conflicts on their own at the beginning and then seeking for adult support when they (children) could not come into agreement in their play. As an Early Childhood Teacher in an international school here in Cambodia, I find it challenging to show the Cambodian Parents (whose concept of play is simply play - not learning anything) that PLAYING is LEARNING.


I am interested in Projects, since my kid (5 years) old is always asking to make a “proyectito” (little project), with it, it comes the other Ps, I can see the passion we puts in developing it, how he interacts with Peers (sister and friends), and everything in a Play format.


I’d have to say I’m most interested in projects. I embrace how all of the 4 P’s are important, but right now I’m looking for ways to make this kind of “creative learning” approach doable in my learning community. The teachers in my building have so many responsibilities that are tied to evaluation and assessment. I’m looking for ways where they can see themselves participating in new ways of thinking and learning with their learners. So, I think that focussing on projects – ways that we can create together-- will help give all of us opportunities to be creative and make together in new ways.


The most interesting of the P’s for me is surely Play. I think it can summarize most if not all of the characteristics of the other P’s.
I used to play with objects, think about them to use them in Projects, Play is (one of) my Passions, and of course it helps you to share interests with Peers.
Thank you.


I believe project builds creativity, passion is enthusiasm, peers make it collaborative and play is learning through games such as Scratch. I am particularly excited about play because children may think they are playing but they are actually learning. They will learn to think freely to solve the problems. They will become more interested because they are not pressured in their learning. Learning becomes fun.


I vote for play.