[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


I couldn´t wait to ask my 8 teachers at a Workshop am doing in Guatemala this Question to pick a P! here the results:



It’s not an easy decision to choose one of the four, once all of them seems both really important and interesting. But I would say that what makes me more engaged in learning is the project. Although there are lots of material about project-based learning, it’s something that is still being developed and needs to be better understood to be put in practice. Really hope this course will help me out in doing it!


I am most interested in “passion”. When an individual finds a topic so interesting that they will study the topic independently and will work on it almost continuously. The individual will have “flow” when working on that topic or project. There is a persistence and perseverance that is often not present when the topic is chosen by an external source. I am interested in how to best determine those things that students are passionate about and how to design educational activities to that are driven by students passions.


I am down for projects. Projects can begin with one idea and take a turn as interests are explored and discovered. I like tangible products as a culmination of a study. A project can be reflected or improved upon.


I’m probably most excited and also daunted by Play. As a primary school teacher, I too have seen the implications of an overcrowded curriculum and the impact that it has had on traditional kindergarten. As a 30-something I can recongise that the Kindergarten of today was not that of my youth, which scares me. However, teachers are faced with a barrage of demands on their time by both parents and administration and unfortunately ‘play’ is often not seen as valuable learning, when in fact, as we know, it may be the most valuable for of learning there is. You can see in the lack of social skills the young people of today possess that this decline from play in the early years of schooling is definitely having an impact on many levels.


I think I’m most drawn to Play and Passion. Play because I always want to make my class fun for students. But if I had to pick just one, I would say right now I would pick Passion. I teach 8th grade, and many students just don’t seem to have this. They want to get good grades and/or they want to have a good time with their friends, and I totally understand both of those. I was the same way at their age.

As an example, in my advanced class we are just getting started on a long project in which I am hoping to get them to gravitate toward an environmental problem that is important or interesting to them. Some of them are passionate about certain topics (like animals), but many of them find that they just don’t really care about things like this yet. Which is fine. But I’m always curious about how and when passions develop. I don’t need every one of my students to be passionate about my class, but I do hope that at some point in the next few years they develop the empathy and sense of global citizenship to start to care about others and our planet in a way that feels important to them. And I’m always curious about how I might help some of them do that.


P for Play - in all my life I found that playing is the way of learning with fun and smile. It gives a practical approach though deep learning and reflection time in a light way.


Thinking of the 4Ps I am more drawn to projects. “I fell in love with gears.” stands out as a powerful idea, I need to allow my pupils to fall in love with the projects on a personal level. Give them the freedom to generate their own projects once the ‘end game’ has been agreed. The current learning is around programming using flowcharts and programming language. The projects can be decided by them.
Looking forward to this.


I think Projects is the most exciting for me…maybe because it leads well into play, peers and (I hope at least sometimes) passion. As a design teacher it is all about projects, and making my younger students have fun through play can be the difference between success or not. As a sometimes language teacher projects always make learning more fun.


P=Passion, most important P for me is passion. The ability to become completely immersed in a project so time and space disappears around you and you enter into the “flow”. I see my job as an educator to ignite the Passion in my students!


The most important P for me is play. I work in a high performing middle school (students ages 11-14). There is pressure on students from parents to get top grades, stay busy with sports, and lessons (music, language, religion, tutoring), and many don’t have time to have free play. There is also pressure on teachers to adhere to curricular standards and to keep pace with other teachers who teach the same subject. I hope to find ways in our library and makerspace to incorporate more play and creativity.


I think for me it would be Play because as an elementary librarian I am really seeing how play has been gone from learning and how it is slowly creeping back in and the value it has. But I also really am thinking about Passion too. I know if I am really interested in something then the learning comes way easier and kids just don’t seem to get passionate about learning things, at least at school and I think that is so sad. We need a change!


I would say “P” Passion! I´m interested in how to motivate my students. If I can make them experience their own passion about learning, creating, discovering, trying… success starts with passion.


At this time, projects are of most interest to me. I teach middle school children in three courses in “project-based” approach. I have much to learn about planning high quality projects so I am very keen to learn from this large group about what has had the most impact on children. I feel that projects are, quite possibly, the most effective way to bring about passions, grant opportunities for play, and encourage learning with peers.


I always thinking about Passion i believe that 's the most neglecting in our pre-determined life starting from family, school,community i believe in giving more attention to passion can make our life more happy and joyful


I agree, passion for me for without passion learning is more difficult.


P for Projects for me too, especially those that inspire PASSION and grit!


I would have to say Project and Passion. I have started the idea of Genius Hour in my class. Where students are able to take time set aside from the curriculum and work on a project they are passionate about. It can be anything the students want to learn and know about. It is very interesting to see the results about what the students are researching for their project.


Play is essential for learning. So much is learned! In play, mistakes are overlooked, or add to the fun, or inform the next round. Meaningful play embeds learned information more deeply and effectively than rote instruction and lectures.


I am interested in P for Play because I think that it is a fun way of learning without having the stress of grades and having freedom to explore and discover new things.