[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


Mine would have to be Projects. I just love the creative learning that goes on during the creation of a project. As an educator I enjoy watching children come up with different approaches and unleashing their imagination.



I would go with Passion. For me, my passion has always been designing and innovate thinking this passion creates a sense of learning. I consider everything in life needs requires passion.


I think the most important concept is passion. How can we introduce something that children is passionate about? How can we differentiate and find children’s different passion and different talent? How can we sustain children’s passion? A life long passion can make a very successful life; nevertheless not all children are lucky enough to find their passion. To find children a passion for something meaningful is crucial for educators and their parents. How can educators or parents scaffold children in finding their passion? This is also crucial.


What excites me is not a particular “P”, but the way the 4 “P’s” together perfectly explain my hitherto disjointed thoughts on both education and my own hobbies. Reading chapter one of the Lifelong Kindergarten book was a transformational experience and I eagerly await the rest of the course.


I think because perhaps we aren’t encouraged enough in life or in the classroom to follow our passions as much as we should. We have a set curriculum we have to teach and the kids have to learn.
I don’t teach through an inquiry based model or a project based model but I would love to give it a go.
I had a student ask me the other day if they could research a topic which I loved. I love giving the students new information and teaching them about things they have never heard of before but wouldn’t it be great if they could delve deeply into their passions.


I am more interested to learn how Playfully can we really build anything. As a working professional I do face this issue a lot where most of the work that I do, I do not get to enjoy it because of the stress and severity of the work. I believe that despite being passionate enough to build something new, the fun of Playfully building it somehow disappears over the course of time; I would love to know how to manage/build projects Playfully.


I choose Project. Recently I realized that practice feeds curiosity, so it should come before theory. It’s such a subtle change in the actual system but it would shift the perception people have that studying is boring.


I´ll pick P for Passion. Even I have a hard time to rule the other out I think that the best way of learing stuff is when you’re passionate about it. It’s then easy to motivate yourself to invest time and effoert into a project or subject. I think that all the other P´s will be involved in that passionate drive as they are feeding of each other. But if I just have to pick one it will be Passion


For me, it would be passion. I am curious about it, since it doesn’t always seem to be there. We tell kids to “follow their passions”, but they don’t always have them or know what they are. There is tremendous pressure to have passion and it isn’t always clear to me where it comes from.


Passion, sería mi elección mientras disfruto lo que hago. Enseñar cosas de tecnología a los niños, lo hago con pasión
ya que me produce una emocion profunda el deseo que se apropien de la tecnología innovando creando y compartiendo.
con sus compañéros

Significado de la palabra Pasion (del verbo en latín, patior, que significa sufrir o sentir) es una emoción definida como un sentimiento muy fuerte hacia una persona, tema, idea u objeto. Así, la pasión es una emoción intensa que engloba el entusiasmo o deseo por algo. El término también se aplica a menudo a un vivo interés o admiración por una propuesta, causa, actividad, y otros. Se dice que a una persona le apasiona algo cuando establece una fuerte afinidad, a diferencia del amor que está más bien relacionado con el afecto y el apego.


I work with teachers in different national and international projects. Some are very dedicated while the others seem to be there because they have to be and not really want to collaborate, so i would like to learn more about the Passion.


I prefer PLAY, because when I’m playing, the time runs fast and my concentration is high because I want to give the best of my. To play is the best way of learning and finding the best way to solve all the problems with creativity


I am more interested in PLAY, since it is something that is being lost in school, because we see this activity without any purpose but it is not like that. As a teacher I think it is a skill that we must continue to develop and relate to school projects, helping students significant learning and critical thinking starting from something that students already know how to do since childhood, which is to play and not just sitting in their desks working, studying and writing.


Hi Steven, I agree. I like the interplay of the 4 Ps together with the Creative Learning Spiral. I think I’ve incorporated projects fairly well into my curriculum and try to allow for choice to hopefully inspire passion. Unfortunately, the mix hasn’t developed to the point where students feel so excited – its still school work.


Loved Chapter 1 – I’m very intrigued by the idea of learning as cyclical as in the design thinking process and the Creative Learning Spiral. I like the idea of reiterating when the project doesn’t work. But when needing to teach content how do I find time for re-iterating or re-imaging. I hope to learn more about how through this course.

I also really like the interplay of the 4 Ps together with the Creative Learning Spiral. I think I’ve incorporated projects fairly well into my curriculum and try to allow for choice to hopefully inspire passion. Unfortunately, the mix hasn’t developed to the point where students feel so excited – its still school work. I teach middle school and I believe my students would benefit from and prefer learning using the 4Ps – particularly peers and play.


Do you think Perseverance isn’t important if a student has passion? If passionate won’t they what to keep working on their project? Also, if its fun (ie playful) and involves their peers I think they may have perseverance sort of built in. Granted the drive to keep at it is sometimes difficult to see and I wonder if its because school work still feels like school work and not a personal project of their own. Just some wonderings…


All things begin with tinkering and messing about which I consider the essence of play. Play also brings to light ‘fun’ – the pure enjoyment of engaging and exploring in a free, spirited, and with intention. From play comes curiosity, creativity, and another C word that means innovation!


My favorite P is Passion – Passion is the spark that keeps us engaged, focused, and inspired. It is the juice that helps us unpack and repack problems; it is the intrinsic motivation that keeps us in the struggle - through our failures and our successes.

Passion is closely linked to project, peers, and play, but it is the secret sauce. It has the unique purpose of organically pulling everything together, creating a flexible synergy that leads to new and potentially unexpected outcomes.

With passion, however, there is an ultimate co-dependence on peers, projects, and play to help give it a sense of meaning, purpose, and personal importance. It cannot really survive and thrive in a vacuum, but it is a wonderful ingredient for life and learning.


Para mim todos os 4 Ps fazem completo sentido. Mas qual sempre me chama atenção é a paixão. Nos tornamos adultos mornos, nada nos satisfaz. Enquanto crianças vivem, brincam, aprendem e amam.


Carlo I couldn’t agree with you more and that’s the issue: how to make a project without constant instructions while working on your school’s curriculum and achieving the indicators required.