[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


Nothing without Passion :slight_smile:
Play, Peers and Projects are materialisation of personal/shared passion.


Passion. For me it’s all about creativity. Making something that changes the world as part of a team.


I am interested in Peers! I am used to work and study alone, but I know we need to interact to learn. If people are too judgemental (not in a good way) it can affect your creative process and interrupt the Play process.


I agree with you, and it is difficult (among other things) because in all our life in the school we learn looking for individual aims(lenses). There is needed patience and managing strategy that there contemplate the specific characteristics of every group, but when a dynamics of collaboration has been achieved it is very useful to pull the creativity of the shy children, to solve problems, to discover and to solve of creative form situations or challenges of the joint project.


For me all P’s are crucial, but the one that sticks out is ‘Peers’. I think working together, showing your progress, talking, … it really enhances the other P’s. I love to see children in my work projects become passionate together. Think of new projects together. Play games and experiment together.

I’m not a big fan of individualistic approaches, where children are following steps on an iPad in their own little bubble. Take the learning out of the bubble and share it. That’s what makes it all so strong for me.


It would be “Play” to me, I told to myself to enjoy and play around in my job. However, it fails all the time. A bit sad :frowning:.

I do want to combine my job and my passion to have fun there. Look forward to learn more and know you guys’ creativity.


What most like me about this lesson was the spiral: learn to develop ideas, play or try them out, experiment with alternatives, get feedback from other and generate new ideas based own experiences.


I would go for project! Because it’s the result of uniting the 3 Ps together . The project is the visual conclusion of what went through the developmentally appropriat classroom environment


It’s hard to pick out which P to love the most - I am an advocate of play in my work, but am motivated always by my passion, and I work on projects with peers - and that usually involves play (with pilot projects and prototypes).

I suspect that there is an interdependence for all of these P’s - while we may feel most comfortable in one, they motivate and encompass the others (we play in areas that are our passion, and that passion gets shared with peers, with whom we create new projects that we can connect into play…) - and this mimics the creative cycle (which is no coincidence)


My P would be “passion”. I love creating projects, working with my peers and play but somehow I need to get my passion back and it’s really interesting how this course is helping me to gain my passion for learning back!


I’m most curious about play! Research around play has really fascinated me lately. I’m also, interested in understanding more about play and child development.


I’m excited about PASSION, because when you fail at school or your project goes wrong, only the true passion can sustain your motivation and keep you working hard.


I would have to choose Play for most important P, because that is where it all starts, the origin of our creativity. What is I put this with that, what if I try making this work like that. Without play, we might not take that first step, nor would we consider bending or breaking the rules.


I pick PASSION! If you love what you are doing, who cares if you need to learn trigonometry or algebra, if that is needed to express and enjoy what you like to do. It´s also one of the things that allow you to create groups and communities of people who share that passion! like in the Holstee Manifesto


That’s a difficult one but I had previous experience on how PLAY can be productive in a classroom! So I hope to share experiences with others about it. But I think if you can match PASSION and PEERS at once, you will have an environment focused on motivating studies, estimulating student behaviour and group work, which is essential at the 21th century. That is important to me because it mixes with a “non-congitive”/“soft” skills approach which I rely on my teaching practice. PS. What a terrible name: “non-cognitive” skills.


All Ps are important, but the PASSION is the one that I see will drive people all way long. It keeps them resilient, it helps them learn from their mistakes and even when they fail - to continue forward following their passion.
How to ignite the PASSION in the children and how to do it with the grown-ups - this is something I see very important to know and do.
During the childhood Playing and Peers are coming naturally, although we have to learn how to collaborate with peers, and how to preserve the playful mindset when we grow and never forget that whatever project or work we do - we should not forget to PLAY and have FUN.


I think all 4 are equally important. To truly be engaged in a project, one needs to have a passion for the project. While some projects can be completed alone, most projects in real life are worked on collaboratively, so the relationship with peers is critical. As a K-5 teacher, finding constructive ways for students to collaborate and work together with their peers is always a challenge. Finally, learning through play is the most effective way to learn and remember. Play can also sometimes be redefined as trial & error, or iterative problem solving.


Senz’altro la Passione!!! Perché se come Docente non sei credibile non riesci a scatenarla nemmeno a pagamento!


Secondo me tutte le P sono importanti e collegate tra loro. La mia prima P è sicuramente la Passion, senza la quale non si potrebbe desiderare di realizzare i propri Projects, poi c’è il Play che per diventare divertente e stimolante, necessità di Peers .


I am most interested in play. I teach the primary grades and it is truly remarkable what can be learned, taught and discovered through play.