[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


Passion resonates the most for me. I work in a discipline these days that is a bit of a hurdle for most pre-professional students (future doctors and dentists, etc.) Many of them hate the organic and biochemistry course that I build materials for, but there is actually a ton to be passionate about on these subjects. All drugs (good and bad), disease, nutrition, exercise , etc. are all things that many people are passionate about and I spend a lot of time trying to relate the challenging principles to stuff that matters to them. When done well it makes all the difference!


Hi! I’m very happy to participate this course. I have curiosity in how organize the project and orient the activities. I hope we can found the answers to these an other questions. :slight_smile:


Wow, pick only one. Peers. I believe our brains just work better when there is more than one thinking about and doing the ‘work.’ The electricity and energy that lead to inspiration and knowing that only together, each can do more. Apple trees thrive and produce more apples when there’s more than one tree growing. Same for blueberry bushes, best to have more than one bush and of different varieties when growing buckets of blueberries.

I look forward to being inspired by everyone’s passion, projects, and play, with a raised awareness to the interplay of all of us as peers.


It is very difficult to choose one P, since I believe all four are interconnected, but by choosing Project I think I can cover more than one P, while designing a project and developing I share and learn from my peers, and my students connect with theirs, in a project Play is vital, and having students feel passionate for the problem we are trying to solve makes learning more meaningful.


I pick Projects too. I am fond of the way things evolve, transform and lead to new ways of acting in a dynamic form, during a project. Working in a project takes out of me the passion, the eager to accomplish and the ability to cooperate for a bigger cause. That’ s how I find new peers to connect and sometimes do things in a playful way…


I’m interestin on P of Projects because I thing than you can express all your creativiy when you have a real project


For myself I would pick Projects. All my life I have felt exciting, energized, and passionate at the prospect of working on a project of my own design. There can be a lot of playfuless involved in the process if you are not following someone else’s prescribed pattern. Working on projects has been where I have made my biggest leaps in learning - and it is usually by doing something the wrong way, perhaps several times, before I discover the way that is going to work best for what I have in mind. There is nothing else like the satisfaction of successfully completing a project, struggles and all, and having it turn out the way you dreamed - or even better.

For my students, I would choose Play. They never have enough time to play and there is just so much value in having time to just muck about with stuff with your friends. The biggest gift we can give to our students is to just let them have time to play.


I am interested in all four but for the sake of this assignment I am going to choose play. As part of our research study we are looking how young children (ages 3 - 5) develop their mathematical knowledge within the context of pay both indoor and outdoor. In observing our littles we have heard them speak to mathematical ideas (counting, shapes, quantity, measurement…) while in the dramatic play and block areas,or as they play on the playground structure or in the sand box naturally - though they may not have precise language or vocabulary they are able to convey what they know via actions. Its up to us the adult learning to take a step back from our adult mathematical and attend, take notice and listen to what they do and say.


I’m interested in Passion and Play, because I find these to be the most difficult to foster in a traditional school. I am very lucky to be in an independent, private school that allows me a fair amount of freedom in my curriculum. It’s also a school that claims to value and want to inspire passion and play, and yet I find that if I really try to commit to these "P"s, I run into conflicts. How do I develop a structured curriculum (something my administrators want to see) that allows for passion and play? Passion and play, in my mind, don’t exist naturally in neat, 1 or 2-week units, where there is a project due date and a grade. When I imagine the kind of learning that places these values at the center of the curriculum, I see a room with various groupings of kids working on various projects in various stages of completion. I do not even know whether “completion” is a requirement in such an educational setting; but it is certainly important to my supervisors and probably to the parents who are spending good money to send their kids to this school.

I’d love to hear about others’ struggle with this apparent conflict!


I am looking forward to to the section on play and passion, as I believe all children particularly in primary school love to play and implementing that in a natural creative manner into our curriculum is much needed.


I’ll go with Play and Projects, but the other P’s also come together with them. I feel that people, not only kids, can find out something they are interested (just like the toys) by just playing or doing things without thinking it’s an obligation, that it will wake up an interest in working with that, and hopefully get into a project that will be done passionately because of their bond with it.
Also projects go hand in hand with a personal interest, I have always wanted to design something that makes an impact or at least help people.


Here’s my favourite P - Projects and the one I made about Creative Learning Spiral -


Play is what excites me. I love when students go over and above what is expected because they are having too much fun to stop.


I have been using Scratch for a while, although I do not consider myself an expert I know I am driven to learn more by passion. I am not sure if it is the interactive nature of Scratch that I love or the ability to be creative but somehow when I make a project I get completely sucked in. One idea leads to another and another and another and before I know it I have been able to create something I never dreamed on in the beginning…each iterative step in the process allows me to build better and better projects and a better understanding of how it all works together…or how to make it all work together. The more I learn the better able I ma to express myself this way…which makes it even more engaging. If I only had more time, I would be creating more projects and learning even more things…


I am most interested in both project and play as I believe they are a vital part of learning in kindergarten and throughut school life.


I feel the same way about using Scratch. I think it challenges me to think in a more concrete way. I feel energized when I understand a concept in more detail!


Of the 4P’s, I am most excited to learn about and engage with Passion. I highly agree that people tend to work harder and more diligently on things they are passionate about, as that is definitely true for me. I am having trouble in my day-to-day finding something I am truly passionate about, so I am hoping that this course helps me to reel that in a bit. I tend to have a new “passion” every few months, and that makes planning a career change somewhat difficult because I can’t decide where I’ll be happy.

I also look forward to the other P’s, as I can certainly stand to learn how to Play better, build relationships with Peers, and work on Projects for fun instead of because I have to. I’m excited to work with everyone here. I know these concepts will speak to each of us in a unique way and can’t wait to see the outcome!


I am most interested in play. I often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of juggling a home and career and forget to make time for this. I am not naturally a system-levels thinker. I’d like to stretch a bit and explore high tech tools like coding and circuits.


I am interested in learning about all of the P’s, but consider Passion as a driving force, what makes learning meaningful and memorable (the kind of learning when children are involved with projects, play and collaborating with peers!)


I pick the P of Passion!
Because I would like to help the children to find their passion. I think the passion moves the people in directions to their dreams if youth people know their passion they can go so far