[Week 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


This week we are going to reflect on the core ideas of Creative Learning by playing with the 4P’s.

We’d love to hear:

Which one among the 4P’s (Projects, Passion, Peers and Play) are you particularly curious or excited about, and why?

Pick one and share your thoughts by replying to this post.

You are also welcome to join or start other topics to reflect about this week.

We look forward to hearing from you!
LCL Team

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Pick a P

I am most interested in Play. Play speaks to me because I am an early childhood teacher educator that sees how my students struggle with play. Letting the children be free, giving them time to play, entering into children’s plays meaningfuly. I also fully believe that it is in the context of play that the most meaning learning and connections occur.


It would have to be “Play” for me as well! I am always looking for new games and activities to make learning more fun. I work with high school students who sometimes find it hard to be ‘goofy’ or let down their guard. I would also add another P = “Practice.” I think that for a lot of my students, they expect to be instant experts and the thought of failing is paralyzing.


I agree, maybe P for Pitfall. I want my students to fail and learn to pick themselves back up.


I would go with passion. I consider everything in life needs some passion. Teaching, learning, doing something, it all requires passion in order for you to do the best way possible.


For me, it would be passion. I think we also understand a lot of everydaylife situations with our heart. We assimilate better and learn more deeply if we affectively experience something I think. But the three other dimensions are also true and available!.


I am interested most in P for Projects. Project-based learning is important to me as I teach coding. I want to be more effective in my lessons and tie everything back to a project that is important to them.


Definitely Projects is my P. Why? Because I love Play with People full of Passion on a specific learning projects and if it’s works see new connections and new possibilities come to life.


I pick Projects and Play. I want to teach students how to make projects in Scratch. Projects are usually the most effective way to teach special ed students how to program. Although, depending on the student’s desires and capacity it is important to let them have leeway so they can have fun and play. So I’ve picked two P’s - Projects and Play. I think one without the other is tough.


Peers. In my experience (5 years of CoderDojo) this is the most difficult aspect, in the sense that all the other Ps come easily while this one must be fostered and reinforced every time.
The traditional computing interface, screen keyboard mouse does not encourage collaboration.


Para mim, projetos são importantes pois: eles provocam paixão; troca de informações entre pessoas.
É, nos projetos que colocamos de fato a mão na massa, despertando a curiosidade e consequente aprendizagem .


excellent point. What interface would be better?


Very interested in projects. I think it will stimulate the other three P’s if you apply yourself to starting and finishing a project.


I’m most curious about Passion. I run a computer club at a local primary school. Each week we create Projects and Play with Programs that we have created. I have witnessed quite often the exchange of ideas among Peers. But the one thing I seldom see among club members is their Passion. They seem to like playing computer games after our main activity each week but I don’t believe that is their true Passion. I am curious how can I get them to unleash their Passion and put it into their Projects. I think Passion is what keeps the Learning Spiral going.


I am also most interested in play, because I think that the other three appear when one is involved in playful trial-and-error learning. I had much to learn as a webmaster in the mid 1990s, and I enjoyed the learning as much as the doing. I discovered early on that peers with similar projects shared the same passion and were all very eager to share ideas and offer assistance. Being a member of the worldwide community of webmasters was and still is a very important part of my life.

In this week’s reading I noticed:
“Creative thinking has always been, and will always be, a central part of what makes life worth living. Life as a creative thinker can bring not only economic rewards, but also joy, fulfillment, purpose, and meaning. Children deserve nothing less.”

People of ALL ages deserve nothing less. We should encourage grandparents to play in Scratch with their grandchildren.



Play is letting your imagination run unbounded. By the time most people are adults, all the play has been ground out of them.


I am more interested in projects since the way I learn most of the time is project based learning (aside from formal education). I found out it work well for me since projects give me a sense of purpose and goals to achieve, and then from understanding the goals I can break down what parts should I learn to achieve it.


To me, creating Projects that are meaningful for each child within provided time frame and skill sets is the area I would like to learn the most.

I believe Every child has innate passion, but they tend to lose interests, once they are “forced” or “tasked” to work on assignments that they do not care. I would like to have each child develop long-lasting passion and playful mindset, by transferring project ownership including ideation to kids.

However, I have run into difficulties before, as some kids think of a massive project that requires a lot higher level skill sets than they had at that time. Due to limited time we had during camp, we had to work hard to reframe and resize the projects which can be meaningful for kids.

I think that helping kids develop a challenging, but not impossible project scope based on their own interests are critical to build and maintain motivation for kids.


I’m most curious and excited about exploring “Play.” My experiences growing up in public school definitely fit the “teacher relays information to the students” mold; however, because I love learning and reading and writing, I always succeeded in that model. I lost my sense of play at an early age and when I have a creative idea, I see sparks of it re-emerging. I would love to tap into and strengthen my sense of play, which has been dulled and suppressed over the years. I am also an elementary educator, so I want to be skilled enough to engage my students in play-filled learning explorations.


I’ll go with Passion. I love all the P’s, but in my experience the emotional engagement brings persistence, joy and significance to the experience. We tend to go above and beyond when we are passionate. But it’s the most intangible of the elements. I think a lot about how to cultivate passion in my students. Help them get to know themselves and learn who they are.