Week 1 - Childhood Object


When I was a child, I would often pretend to cook food on a toy kitchen set. I was interested in mirroring the cooking and baking that I saw my mom do, whether it be her famous banana bread or beef roast. I loved pretending to make my own dishes - as much as one can attempt to do with plastic pans and rock-solid pieces of pepperoni and broccoli. As I grew older, my desire to learn how to cook grew into a desire to learn about nutrition in general. This has continued to be a topic in my life that has made me a lifelong learner in its area of study more than any other area because I find the content - nutrition - to be so applicable and interesting, that I have learned how to spurn my curiosity into discovery my researching endless topics about food and nutrition, a skill that I hope to continue to carry into other areas of learning.

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