Week 1 Announcement - Getting Started!


Hello Creative Learners!

We are ready to go! Week 1 materials for Learning Creative Learning (LCL) are now available online, and we’re thrilled to start our learning journey with you.

You’ll find all the materials and information on the course website:

We suggest that you first visit the Getting Started page to learn more about the course structure and how to participate in the online community.

Then, explore Week 1 - Introduction to Creative Learning:

Watch a video where Mitch introduces the core ideas of the course

  • Read excerpts from Chapter 1 of the Lifelong Kindergarten book

  • Participate in the activity by sharing a childhood object in the discussion forum

  • Reflect on this week’s ideas by engaging in conversations with others

  • Meet other members of the community

Remember — you can work at your own pace and spend as much or as little time as you want, choosing the parts of the course that you find more interesting. All of the materials will be always available on the website, even after the end of the course.

What makes LCL a really special experience is our community of learners. We encourage you to take advantage of that by participating in the activities and the conversations on the discussion forum.

See you on LCL!
LCL Team


(And a few more announcements taken from the email sent on Oct 13)

Weekly Schedule
Each week, on Wednesday, we will release a collection of short videos, readings, an activity, and discussion forums centered around the week’s theme. You can go through weekly materials at your own pace, and choose how to engage according to your interests and time. Materials will always be available on the website, even after the week is over.

To wrap up the week, we will host a live video chat on Tuesday, so that you can connect with one another and look back at the prior week. To accommodate people at different time zones, we are hosting two events each Tuesday: at 9-10am and at 5-6pm EST (Boston/New York time). You’ll find more details on the website, but you can mark your calendars now. The first one will be on October 24.

Local Meetups
Some people are already organizing LCL meetups in their local communities, so that they can watch the videos, discuss the readings, and participate in activities together with friends and colleagues. We encourage you to find people around you to meet, chat, and discuss with.

Lifelong Kindergarten book
Everything needed for the course will be available online for free, including sections of Mitch Resnick’s new book Lifelong Kindergarten. You don’t need to buy the book for LCL

Stay Connected
You’ll find all important information about the course on the about page. We’ll also be posting updates and reminders on the new LCL Facebook page: feel free to join here. You can post about the course on social media using #LCL17.

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