[Week 1 Activity] Childhood objects


sempre brinquei muito… onde morava tinha um quintal grande, um campo atrás da casa, brincávamos na rua, irmão, amigos era maravilhoso. Quando estava só adorava brincar de fazer roupinhas de papel para bonecas: amava!


I too had step by step drawing books. I remember being frustrated by them because I could not make the connection between the circles and the finished product. I understood that the purpose of the shapes was to provide approximate size and shape for the finished product. The problem for me was that the finished products did not show the original shape. For example, in your image above, if you look from step 1 to 4, the oval for the body and the circle for the head disappear in the final drawing. Did the artist erase them? Cover them with white pencil or crayon? Where did they go? This continued to frustrate me to the point that I did not use the shapes at all, but created my own method of drawing. When I was in fourth grade, I create a step by step manual for drawing parts of the human face- eyes, lips, nose, etc… I was bored in class so I spent my time doing this instead.


As aulas de arte sempre foram muito marcantes, tinha verdadeira paixão por transformar materiais recicláveis em artesanato. Garrafa pet virava cesta de flores, caixa de presente… Rolinho de papel higiênico virava porta caneta, enfeite natalino, flores…
Transformar, reutilizar, criar sempre me encantaram.


The Spirograph was also a kit that fascinated me. I got it as a present from my dad when he came back from a study trip when I was 8. I was fascinated by the different patterns you could create and it was fun experimenting with different combinations and patterns.


Un objeto especial que recuerdo con especial cariño es un juego de construcción llamado “ExinCastillo”, anexo una foto comercial ya que no lo conservo.
Me encantaba armar y crear nuevas estructuras, descubrir como las paredes se mantenian de pie, que las hacia delicadas y como aumentar, pisos y pisos. Iniciar con cimientos fuertes para que soportaran las torres.
Supongo que me ayudó a pensar de forma estructurada y planear cada paso sino a mitad del camino, se me cai todo jejejeje


As far as I can remember, I loved these 4 things:![corch%C3%AA|400x400]
I would use colored pencils, paper, glitter and offer my family some Christmas cards, I always loved to express myself through drawings and written messages.
I also liked to taking risks at the kitchen, so I learned how to make my own play doh. It was very fun to play with that with my friends.
I loved to go roller skating to school and around my house with my friends too.
And… I know that I learn a lot by observing, so once on a vacation camping, I watched the Campsite owner doing crochê and I learned how to do it. I did some bracelets and I sold it in front of my house. It was really fun.corch%C3%AA


Hi all, Colm here, from Ireland. It’s great to be part of this group. Spirograph triggered some interesting memories for me. It was almost hypnotic watching the shapes form in front of you as the kogs rolled and the pend drew. Another game that did it for me was mouse trap. The chain reaction of events got me every time.


When I was a child my younger sister and I didn’t have many toys so as we had just small dolls we used to create big “babies” made of clothes and bonnets. That was really good because we could achieve a goal at the same time we were creating something new for us.