[Week 1 Activity] Childhood objects


Wow I loved stuffed animals too! I would make room for each of them in my bed, because I didn’t want them to feel left out!


A ball–classic! Knowing you, this is no surprise, but I think it’s neat that you began developing athletic skills from an early age and have kept up with it over the years!


Same! I was obsessed with them and Barbies too! I feel like most young girls love to play that mothering role during play!


I grew up with a lot of toys. It is great to have things that we end up storing in our long-term memory that end up being extremely vital for our development



My favorite childhood object(s) was easily my stuffed animals. I used to gather them around my dining room table and just read out loud for hours it seemed like. When I didn’t know a word or something in the book I would pretend one of my “students” didn’t know it and i would help them look it up.


Meu objeto de infância também foi a máquina de escrever. Eu era apaixonada pelo teclado e pela possibilidade de escrever e já ver o resultado na folha… Minha mãe trabalhava no banco e usava uma… minha tia tinha uma em casa para estudar. Eu amava o cheiro da fita da máquina, o gancho que passava o texto para a linha de baixo e o barulho que fazia quando chegava ao final da linha. Certa vez criei um teclado simulando a máquina de escrever, com pasta de papelão, papel e fita transparente. Fiz umas teclas bem macias e dizia que era a minha máquina de escrever, que podia carregar para todo lado. Na verdade estava simulando um laptop, que ainda nem sabia que existia rsrs…
Muito bom resgatar estas lembranças…

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I looked playing in my father’s workshop, particularly with his vice- finding things to squeeze into it.

I grew up with a practical mind and never thinking of occupations for girls or boys but I could try anything I wanted too.



If something represents my childhood objects, it would be books. A lot of my childhood was spent finishing all the books that Enid Blyton wrote, and a lot of Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys. As an only child, this helped me be comfortable with my own self. And looking back this helped me better my English, make friends and live adventures of the five that I wouldn’t have otherwise. :slight_smile:


Vendo o texto de Seymour, percebi o quanto ele tem satisfação em falar de suas engrenagens. hoje ate me considero o adulto que não conseguiu aprender certas matemáticas, mas acredito sim que tudo pode facilitado. Vendo o vídeo de Shruti , foi voltar a min ha infância! A história é muito semelhante. A música, os instrumentos sempre representaram os meus valores e foi a forma que me inspirou para muitas relações e aprendizados. Só que não tive a oportunidade plena de aprender verdadeiramente a música, mas virei um profissional, desde os 12 anos, começando pelas igrejas e depois o mundo. Mundo esse que massacra e excluir deficientes. Mas ainda devo tudo que sou a música, seja na performance ou produções fonográficas com as diversas tecnologias digitais e hardwares.


For me it has to be the piano. I was 5 years old and there was a piano in the garage and I can vividly recall standing on a wobbly plank and reading the music from an old piano tutor belonging to my brother. This relationship with the piano continued through my childhood and teen years. It was special to me because I loved playing music and discovering new music and building my repertoire. I loved that when I played music I felt good and that other people felt good too. It was a doorway into the world of music and into the world of Self - discovery.


[Rubrik’s cube]Screenshot_1


A cherished memory I have is going to grandma and a grandpa Sewell’s house and playing with a colorful wooden block set. My brother and I would play with these blocks building structures, castles over and over because my brother would always know mine down. We would also play pick up sticks for hours



When I was a child, I would often pretend to cook food on a toy kitchen set. I was interested in mirroring the cooking and baking that I saw my mom do, whether it be her famous banana bread or beef roast. I loved pretending to make my own dishes - as much as one can attempt to do with plastic pans and rock-solid pieces of pepperoni and broccoli. As I grew older, my desire to learn how to cook grew into a desire to learn about nutrition in general. This has continued to be a topic in my life that has made me a lifelong learner in its area of study more than any other area because I find the content - nutrition - to be so applicable and interesting, that I have learned how to spurn my curiosity into discovery my researching endless topics about food and nutrition, a skill that I hope to continue to carry into other areas of learning.


My bike is so precious to me because I had so many good and bad stories from it. It was because of my bike that I conquered challenges, met new friends, and did crazy things as the child I was. This object is important to me because it represents adventures, learning moments, and even pain.
Sometimes I was riding too fast, and I ended up getting hurt or injured but eventually, those became good memories of fun and interesting times.



My dad travels a lot around the world and when I was a child, he would bring me a doll from every country he went to. In this picture you can see dolls from Peru, Guatemala, Holland, Croatia, and Costa Rica. I would play with these dolls as well as other objects from other countries and create stories in which all of these cultures were interacting. As an adult, I love learning about other cultures and languages and interacting with people from backgrounds different than my own. I can see how my early introduction to culture has influenced my cultural perspective and worldview.

I also love talking to people, and I think that I practiced my social skills a lot when I was playing pretend with my dolls!


Thinking about my childhood makes me very excited, remembering that I had a great one. My bike was my favorite… I really had a lot of Adventures and fun riding bike with my cousins


I was a very creative child tinkering with all the stuff that came into my way. I was carpenting stuff, building stuff in all materials available, painting, baking, drawing etc. But, the most profound creativity was done in music. From the begining just singing alonf to pop/rock bands like Kiss, Judas Priest, Accept, Iron Maiden etc. But it wasn’t long before I started to use real intruments. I remember that I liked all the intruments I touched, it was just something magic about it. You play with and on them and they respond back instantly. So, after a while I was writing my own songs and started my firts band “The Wizards”:slight_smile: It was awesome as it was all about playing with passion and no real calculation behind it. It was coming from inside to the outside, no pressure, just driven by inner motivation. 38 years later I still find music as awesome and have had a carrier in that field. The photo just symbolize one of the many “partners” I’ve had in that field