[Week 1 Activity] Childhood objects


My childhood object is definitely the Lego. I remember seeing Lego pieces at my friends’ houses, and us playing with them for hours on end. Asking my parents to get me some and being refused, it was only a few years later that my wish came true. For me, the Legos were my way of creating magical worlds.
Fast forward 20 years, and I hear for the first time, that there is something special about Legos- something that shows their existence can be compared with Creation. Atoms, molecules, bonds, construction, separation, pull, size, color, and more. Can we really create a universe from Lego? My son would completely agree. You should see his lego creations!


When I was a child, for a long time I had a letters ball. I loved throw it strongly and I enjoy when it jump up I liked its texture because it was heary.

I did words with the letters, I put a iot of words or pictures on if.
Finally I don’t know where my ball was but when I see one of this, I remember my ball.
This motivates me to read and creativity.


I have thinking a lot about this… my family didn’t have high income when I was a child, so it was mainly to play around the house or in the garden. To enjoy life with my pets and learn about how to take care of them (cats and dogs). But also, I remember I had few music keyboard lessons, and I “created” my own keyboard of a box, just to practice… I think that helped me to reinforce my memory to remember where each key was and also to learn better about music.
Also (for the picture) I had a yoyo and spirograph. I loved them for school, with the spirograph, I used to decorate my notebooks and make “beautiful” presentations and with the yoyo, I was trying to get physical skills for objects ;D




the objects of my childhood.
If I close my eyes I immediately visualize one of the most memorable games of my childhood “The nails”
They were given me at the end of my first year of primary school as a gift for the good grades I got. I played with them infinitely.
Created hundreds of drawings and stories.
Lego bricks were also extraordinary gaming companies.
Playing with them was world-wide when, together with my apdre, we were building houses, and when I used them to tell stories: every little thing became a character in itself (they were still far behind the lego’s already built)index


Love it ! Many happy hours of childhood spent with one of these - I’d forgotten - thanks for triggering those happy, productive memories !


Thinking back after reading Papert’s essay I was reminded of the Airfix model of the Apollo Saturn V rocket that my older brother built. It truly fascinated me in all its intricate detail and truly captured my imagination.

From it I learnt the about the moon shot, the space program and then, thanks to Carl Sagan’s TV series Cosmos, I fell in love with cosmology and physics and history and - well, life, the universe and everything !

Of course the model my brother built didn’t last long in my careless hands but perhaps he can take solace in the fact that four decades later his efforts are still very much appreciated for the impact they had and continue to have.

appollo saturn v


My favourite childhood object was a trolley that was kept in the guest bedroom. My sister and I would sit under it and talk about everything from our dreams to our fears. It was a place where I didn’t feel judged and completely safe. We would hide from everyone else in the house and just sit there for hours.

Attached a drawing of the trolley, don’t have a picture I’m afraid.


As a child I was always interested in using things that people threw away and tried to find new things that I could make with them, anything from scraps of fabric, to newspapers to cardboard. I liked to imagine myself as a bricoleur of sorts, making my own doll cardboard box houses, my own machines and devices (like a canopy to ride my bike in the rain), designing clothes with scraps for my friends to wear in a fashion show (which we charged all our parents to attend) to my own papermaché Jurassic Park Theme Park . I still love using recycled materials especially cardboard to make creative projects with kids…

One such project is our giant cardboard camel puppet called Camel L Jackson…
Read the Camel L Jackson Story Here:
Part One:
Part Two:


My object was a book with 365 stories one for each day of the year, i was asking my mom to read one story each night and the I was trying to memorice and act them. And now I am a designer and I love books and editorial design :smiley:


Amazing! I was also so happy when I first got the opportunity to have a bi-cycle. As a school-going kid for me it was a great experience to ride the bike and go from one place to another.


hello every one! when i was a child , i am so interesting on the floppy disk.
To understand how it works, I always tried to see the inside of the disk and I always broke them that made my father very angry. But i was too young to understand it during my childhood.
When i started my computer class in the university. teacher said it is very broken easily with disk memory, i agreed that very much :joy::joy::joy:
there is no one use the floppy disk now but i still remember what the inside look like.


For me, one of the most influential childhood object is Play-doh. I could spend hours playing play-doh and make different animals or cute creatures. Also, I can use Play-doh to create all shapes or forms, and trying to create new colours by mixing colours of Play-doh. Therefore, Play-doh is definitely one of the toys that sparkles my creativity.:grin::grin:SL500_AC_SS350


Wow~~your childhood is so colorful.


I have also tried to use floppy disk when I was a child. At that time, I was amazed that information could be stored and read with this small disk.


Mi objeto favorito era y es un pizarrón, de niña jugaba a la maestra y es lo que sigo haciendo!!!


Wow! Really amazing!!:heart_eyes:


The Tamiya 4wd influence me a lot, I learn lot about how gears works and how each components used for and I really enjoy playing it with friends. I think it is a toy help know how can i design a thing to make it better.

4wd cars


Like many people who’ve contributed to this discussion, I too cannot recall my first encounter with origami. I think a family member bought me a pack of origami paper and a origami book (initial interest could have been sparked by watching a cousin or a friend make origami). What I can recall with clarity is the fact that origami was the first art form I felt confidence in. It was the first piece in my identity development as a creative person (artist). I remember working on projects after school where I would build a room full of origami furniture for my barbie. It was probably my first meaningful encounter with failure as well. I then adapted the origami paper to make paper heels for my friends, which ended up being my proudest innovation. I don’t play around with it much anymore, but I know that my early attachment to making and thinking with my hands has carried over into my current passion projects.


One of the toys that inspired me growing up was a ball! I loved playing with any kind- Bouncy balls, softballs, basketballs, etc. Looking back at old home videos and pictures seemed to always have a ball in my hand or one near me. I loved to toss and catch them. Eventually I began playing sports where I could catch and throw balls- softball and basketball. Sometimes I would just sit in my room and toss a ball to myself. Through this my hand-eye-coordination skills were developed. In addition, it grew my love for sports and became a way to connect to people.