[Week 1 Activity] Childhood objects


Me lembro do Forte Apache, eu e meu irmão montávamos o forte sobre um monte de areia que havia em casa e viajávamos nas aventuras de mocinho e bandido.
Aqueles pequenos bonecos faziam nossa imaginação criar asas e podíamos viver as aventuras mais empolgantes e sem sair de casa era muito bom.


Anch’io amavo molto il LEGO. Ricordo che, quando vennero introdotte, non ho gradito le confezioni a tema. A me piaceva costruire castelli interminabili, con scale, scalette, anfratti, nascondigli… ancora prima di conoscere le opere di Escher.


I still remember the first adventure of Dungeons and Dragons in which (I only realize it today) I experienced all the P’s




My childhood objects are some drawing papers and crayons. I liked drawing and above all coloring with colored pencils. It was for me a relaxing and pleasant activity. I liked the view and the smell of new pencils. They inspired my fancy. I spent a long time by drawing and coloring.


Um dos meus objetos da infância foi a a minha blusa do uniforme da escola, pois ela me permitia criar novos objetos como por exemplo um bebê, uma peruca, peça de roupas.


Fun! I too appreciated a brand new organized box of Crayola Crayons–obviously the jumbo box! However, I think that my favorite was the set of wooden building blocks that we had. Proportionally size and wonderfully noisy when they crashed onto the hardwood floors!


My childhood object, which I don’t have any more in my possession, is a book about a young engineer building new projects in the world like a new dam, a bridge… Inspired me to become engineer myself in order to be able to create such projects by myself :smile:


My childhood objects were almost always craft and build up with wast (cardboard boxes from toothpaste and so on) and integraded with playmobil toys or similar. Only years latter LEGO came to Brazil. I used to imagine entire worlds and cities, like on this photo (unfurtunatelly not mine… My Mom didn´t registered my increadeble worlds… Now I want to invent digital worlds on computers and start using scratch (more than what is present on! I have ambitions ideas… Hope you help me! :slight_smile:


I loved just playing outdoors. Running around the fields, exploring, pond dipping for tadpoles, creating stories about ‘quicksand’ in the muddy areas and generally creating our own play. It makes me realise how fortunate I was to grow up spending time outdoors. I also feel as though my childhood where I didn’t play as much with prescriptive toys as much as my friends and I created our own worlds has made me into a person who believes that anything is possible.


I can´t remember how old I was when I started to play with sand, water and a toy set of cooking gadgets. I played for hours making diferent recipes with leaves of trees, flowers, sand and the most important… water.
When my son was 2 years old, I gave him the same cooking set, but it doesn´t work. He was interested in wheels, no matter the type of wheels


Not likely my image of a wooden spoon sitting on my kitchen counter attached properly from my ipad🤣 yet you can imagine it!
My mom, a home ec major and dietician, provided on-going, everyday creative activities for my 2 brothers and I. We baked everything sweet we ate and often engaged in rolling out home made sugar cookie dough, cutting it out, making edible paint from eggs and food coloring, and painting our holiday cookies. It was rare if we purchased anything as a finished product, rather we energetically created obstacle courses, costumes, art projects, nature collages and endless other pursuits. My mom provided the creative, open ended home environment and we played, “designed things to think with”!


I loved any type of board or card game and even today I still love them. It really wasn’t so much about winning but more about the social time and yet at the same time I loved trying to out maneuver my opponent. I loved everything from cribbage to scrabble.


I remember that my dad gave me his old meccano kit, which I really enjoyed tinkering with, bending the metal pieces to shapes beyond the instructive manual. Also, we had coffee tins full of unsorted screws, springs, nuts and other metal parts which I spread out on the ground to see what fits together. Today I found out that my father kind of sorted everything…
Besides I had Lego and all the other kid´s toys, but playing with screws I still like a lot.


In my childhood, I liked reading. I used to read many kinds of book from literature, fairy tail, Andersen,… And my favorite book was history of Vietnam (I was very impressive with the stone age and collected the stone with the little hope that be an ancient tool).


it took me awhile to think of an object from my childhood that both, interested and influenced me. One reason is because a person, not an object truly interested and influenced me as a child and that was my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Parrotts, she was amazing and very innovative. I remember listening to Frankenstein after lunch on tape with my head down in a dark in class, making multimedia presentations, and learning how to save money through our real bank accounts with the local Savings and Dime. Mrs. Parrotts was positive, encouraging, and tons of fun.
My family also added to my interests by purchasing books, and audio books for me.
Being an only child I relied heavily on my imagination. I read often and various materials and listened over and over to the same stories on old Disney albums.

So, I guess my objects were
Highlight’s magazine

I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I asked my dolls to fill out the Highlights subscription card for homework.


I love this! It’s great how sometimes it’s more fun to pretend than to use the real thing :slight_smile:


As a very small child I used to play with buttons, making groups depending on shape, colour, holes… or moving them on the table as a family …buttons


This post brought back so many amazing beach day memories! There was something exhilarating about managing to use the force of the wave, and getting to really understand wave motions through your whole body.


I’m so glad to hear it resonated with someone else :smiley: So much play value in the water!