We’re starting a new round of LCL!


Hello Creative Learners!

We had a great time learning and tinkering with you this fall, and we are excited to see many of you continuing to participate in the LCL community!

Actually, we enjoyed last fall’s course so much, we’ve decided to offer it again!

Starting Wednesday, February 7th, we’ll be organizing a new round of Learning Creative Learning, running for six weeks.

This is a great time to get started with LCL activities if you haven’t had a chance before — or, if you have previously participated, to connect with a new group of creative learners, and to further explore ideas and projects.

Sign up here if you’d like to receive emails about the new round of LCL, and we’ll send you the details!

We also started a new thread to re-introduce ourselves to the new group!

If you have questions about the second round, please answer on this forum post, or join our Unhangout next Tuesday, February 6th at 4pm EST, to check in and chat!

See you soon,
The LCL team

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Yay!! Can’t wait.


Awesome! I discovered the last one really late, so I’m glad there’s a new cohort coming up. Definitely excited to be a part of this :slight_smile:



I am a middle school teacher who runs coding, computer apps and graphics classes. I am running out of breath trying to keep up with the world that seems always ahead of me.

Yoonsun Choe
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Looking forward to the engagement, dialogue and play!


I am not an MIT student, but how I can go through with all the lectures of this upcoming event?


Will the weekly hangouts still be on Tuesdays at 9am, 11am and 5pm (all EST, Boston time), starting Tuesday 13-February or will they now be on Wednesdays starting 7-February?

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Hi everyone! Looking forward to learning a lot from you all.


Hi Danielle! We are still figuring out the details - this week, we’re hosting one pre-class Unhangout (tomorrow, Tuesday, February 6th at 4pm EST). We will let you know soon about the rest!


Hi Ayaz, of course you can participate!

LCL is open to everyone, there are no lectures, all the materials are available on the website! We hope we can involve some MIT students in the online community as well!


Hi @Lily Maybe a quick poll to figure out the best time for Unhangout session hosted by LCL team. I understand the focus this round is encouraging local hangouts but would be great to have atleast 2 time slots for sessions hosted by LCL team. Looking forward to the next one.

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Hi everyone,
Ever since I left grad school and joined the workforce over 30 years ago, I have observed young professionals struggling with writing. I am at a point in my career where I’d like to put something back into the system, and I’d like to make a difference. In particular, I have ideas for applying current technology to improve writing skills not only in the work setting, but also, in school before entry into the workforce. The opportunity to use existing creative learning tools from the Media Lab shows promise for helping me achieve my goals.

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