Volunteers to translate Scratch


In the Scratch Conference 2018 held at Boston, MIT Media Lab there was a poster presented… where I saw any volunteer is welcome to help translate Scratch into different languages.

Someone in the LCL Community this year, also asked me if there were ways to get more involved with the community. Here is a screenshot of the poster that states more details about this fact …

while this link will give you some insights about how to proceed or where to step in to volunteer in contributing to the Translation of Scratch to different languages.

Also, I was wondering that in a country like India, at least 11 different official languages are spoken. So how wonderful would it be to see all children sitting at different parts of the world reading Scratch in their own languages… Sometimes working in groups help make better progress. I am one of the interested candidates who knows Bengali and English. Is anybody willing to join me or take a completely different language that you are comfortable working on? Volunteers most welcome!


As part of the translation team (to Spanish), I must say it’s an incredible experience: translating the blocks (specially) is no easy task, because the translations then remain fixed for years (reasonable…). Cool project, so the more (languages & people involved)… the better! :orange_heart:


Hi Mohona, I am from West Bengal. I have recently joined the group. After some searching, I found this post. I would love to help in this project. Making scratch in Bengali would be great. Looking forward to this…


Hi @Ranit_Das, Excellent! Please check the link

And if you face any questions, you can always send me a mail at and we can work together to get this started… :smile:


Thanks for the email. I just read the link you had sent. Decided to start the project from Monday.
Here’s my email - . feel free to reach anytime. :smile:
[ p.s- Sorry for late reply. The net connection was over.]


Sounds good Ranit… we can discuss a week later to check the status… and questions if any…