Topic ideas for next Unhangout?


Hi everyone!

As this week is about Peers, we thought it would be interesting to open up to the community and ask for topics you want to be discussed in the Unhangout meeting next Tuesday (March 6 at 4pm Boston time).

Let’s discuss in this thread about questions or ideas you want to talk about!

See you on Tuesday!


I notice a concern often expressed by the participants which concerns the effective pedagogy to interest the children in the codification. I would like to know if LCL or others listed individually the pedagogy and the most effective procedure to interest the children If it is not the case it would be useful to establish(constitute) a bank of case to facilitate the task to the educators


Would there be a topic on other resources available for integrating the math and sciences to the arts ? Art is about beauty, and math to the same degree as well so if there are any resources known for a consideration of applying coding to or some other outlet to create works of art? Thank you!!

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