The Role of Digital Tools in Creativity


I am an assistant professor in Center for Emerging Media Design Development working on a project that involves determining what digital tools (if any) are used in your classroom, how they are used, and how they influence the creativity and problem solving of your students. We are looking for 10 elementary teachers who would be available for an hour interview.

Would you be willing to remotely interview with me?

Also, if you would be able to suggest other faculties who might be interested in giving me an hour of their time it would be most appreciated.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:


Hi, I follow the activities. I am in the UK EX SA.
I have been really excited about the concept of Scratch and Scratch JR.But have found my nitch is on the physical side of computing.
Not finding …or should I say I feel I do not fit into this large organization … and am perhaps too small to be counted???



Hi, are you interested to prticipate in the study? Let me know. Thanks.