THANK YOU / obrigado / grazie / gracias / merci bien / ありがとうございました / شكرا لكم


Who are you thankful for?

As this round of LCL comes to a close, we here at MIT have been reflecting about how grateful we are to the people who made this happen:

Our remarkable volunteer translators, who have made the course available to more people by translating emails, the website, and forum posts (and even readings) every week!

عربى (Arabic): Simone Gates-Wiggins @simonegw !
Español (Spanish): Francisco (Paco) Jurado @frjurado, Verónica Belinda Estrada y Moscoso @Vero, Claudia Urrea @callaurrea, and Luis Morales-Navarro @LuisMorales-Navarro - special thanks to the Spanish translation team for their amazing work translating the readings.
Français (French): Mathieu Penot @Mathieu_Penot1 !
Italiano (Italian): Carmelo Presicce @tarmelop !
[日本語 (Japanese): Yumiko Murai @yumikom !
Português (Portuguese): Carolina Rodeghiero @CarolR !

The amazing LCL Facilitation Team volunteers, who brainstormed course ideas, facilitated discussions, shared encouragement and feedback, led local meetups, and helped us grow this community:

Mohona Bose @Mohona, Francisco (Paco) Jurado @frjurado, Leslie Layman @Leslie, Saskia Leggett @saskia, Verónica Belinda Estrada y Moscoso @Vero, Mathieu Penot @Mathieu_Penot1, Bice Rapaccini @Bice_Rapaccini, Dhwani Shah @Dhwanix, Shelly Sharp @MissMissShelly/ @Shelly_Sharp, and Claudia Urrea @callaurrea!

The MIT Lifelong Kindergarten LCL team (@Lily, @tarmelop, @yumikom, @shaanmasala, and @CarolR) has loved collaborating with you.

And a big thank you to you, the LCL Community, for sharing, making, and learning with us!

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My top thanks go to everyone in the LLK & LCL groups: @Lily, @tarmelop, @yumikom, @shaanmasala & @CarolR, this round has been a special one, I’ve had a great time as translator & facilitator :heart_eyes:

Also, of course, to our great facilitators (too many to mention you all again…) and the Spanish translation team (it’s been intense!!).

Sad & happy now… :slight_smile:


Thanks to LCL team @Lily, @yumikom, @shaanmasala , @CarolR especially @tarmelop who supported the Italian people.
This year I really experienced the LCL as community because we involved many people that in some way are connected to the makerspace in Fabriano (Italy) even if we live far from.
We are waiting for the next round!


The LCL team for making this happen with a great deal of thought, reflection and delight, participants who dove in with both feet and both hemispheres, @dalsdorf, @augusto who showed me scratch coding I hadn’t dreamt of, @Xanthe_Matychak who pushed my thinking and forum topics in interesting directions, @jpaskett for a unique perspective and continuous courage to tackle tricky things.

I’m really thankful for having the priviledge of being a part of the facilitation team, for having the opportunity to be inspired,nudged and pushed by people’s projects, queries, reflections and insights.

(I would be grateful for feedback on my role as a facilitator, as I worry that I take up too much space, respond too quickly sometimes thereby bumping out other thoughts and responses.
My dad is an extrovert and my mom an introvert. I really like hearing from the deep waters, the shy people because there is often another angle that helps me very much. I would really love to hear how I could have facilitated contributions from people who feel a little shy to post, be it through a personal message (Help please LCL team… how do we send personal messages within the forum?) or a reply here. I also welcome suggestions from the not so shy.:slightly_smiling_face:)

I am going to put a repeating event in my calendar to check back on a bi-weekly basis so I do not just ‘forget’ my learning. I really appreciate the challenging questions and reflections of how do I integrate the lessons as that is what will help me continue to grow as a creative learner and teacher providing creative possibilities for my students.


Hi @MissMissShelly. About facilitating, I really LOVE the 7 questions put forth in this book. The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever I haven’t yet perfected this practice, but I strive for it.

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أولا شكرا كثيرا لياسمين @simonegw
لترجمتها اللغة العربية ⁦♥️⁩
BIG THANKS to all community of LCL :star_struck:
especial thanks to @dpavani10 and @Mohona :dizzy:.


Argh… say less?!? my eyelid twitches… hahaha. It makes me think of my dad’s reaction to David Rock’s Quiet Leadership: Help People Think Better, Quit Telling Them What to Do.
Thank you. (In my mind I hear, Be careful what you ask for. haha)
Thank you Xanthe.


I eff it up all of the time, keeping the advice monster at bay. (advice monster is a term from that book). But I notice that when I use the method, the person im helping has more ownership and agency than they would if I just give advice. This is how it goes with young adults and grownups. Might be different with children, though


Nope, no difference, and they learn more profoundly when arriving attheir own insights, rather than being guided by the ‘advice monster’.


So true…

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Thank you!


For all of you, thanks for the accompaniment during the LCL course, I learned a lot and confirmed that in a group things are easier
You have a close friend in México


الشرف لنا، يا هاجر!! شكرا لمشاركة افكارك الممتازة!! :hugs::heart:


Muchas gracias a vosotros, LCL Team!!!
También a nuestro voluntario facilitador, Paco Jurado, quien con gran paciencia trató de ir solucionando todas las dificultades. Verdaderamente me sentí en familia y parte de la comunidad de LCL.
Saludos cordiales!


Hola Paco!!
Fue muy grato construir una familia contigo, porque así me hiciste sentir.
Mis felicitaciones por las acciones que realizaste y tu gran paciencia para con nosostros!!
Un sincero agradecimiento y espero encontrarnos en otro evento.
Saludos cordiales!


I’ve had this belief that education should be about fascination, joy, fun, excitement for learning together and passion for innovation; not merely just information. So I’ve had this idea for some time now- Let’s start a YouTube channel or podcast that inspires learning together more than being correct. The show would first have a scientist answering economic crisis questions, a dancer trying to cook an exotic recipe, an actor trying to explore ocean acidification; all kinds of brilliant people trying to design their answer for something unrelated to their field. The second part would be that an economist would discuss the idea with the scientist who designed some answer for economic crisis- so an expert from a field discussing ideas with someone from another field, so that now they are excited to learn each other’s ideas, are communicating and appreciating each others’ perspectives better. There’s third part to the show-that is someone from the comments who comes up with an amazing unique answer joins the two experts on the talk, the next episode. The first stage is the show on YouTube channel or podcast, but later there could be real festivals and events or bootcamps and summer schools that bring people together from a diverse set of interests and inspire how they appreciate each others’ ideas and perspectives, and learn more together.

I think that the biggest challenge today and at the same time the biggest opportunity that we have today is learning together. It’s not just about the information, learning is an amazing experience together. So we need to get people to learn together and share the excitement for learning, passion for innovation and joy for collaboration. I am sending this email to Robin Ince who is a fantastic person who believes and shares his ideas about the wonder and joy of learning. Can we do the podcast or show together?, and later maybe the events and programs? That would be amazing! What do you think?


A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL! This course and the community has helped me know myself a little better and evolve as a person with more knowledge acquired in connection with Creative Learning and what’s going on around, everywhere, all over the world! Feeling very much a part of the community :blush: and feeling like extending it further …

Thank you Lily for your sweet note of acknowledgement. It was a pleasure knowing you and working with everyone of you from the LCL Team. I enjoyed the entire process and wanted to thank you all for having me as a part of this wonderful facilitation team this year…