Technology is good or bad?

How to use technology in a balanced way? The parents now see her as the nanny. This question was asked by a partner of the Local Meeting


Hi Vero!

I think this is a great question! I’m also very concerned about the role of technologies in children’s lives, especially when I see parents handing an iPad to their children as a form of reward, or as a nanny because they are busy.

Many people think about the balance in terms of quantity of time: how long should children spend in front of a screen? To me it’s more interesting to think about the questions in terms of quality of time: what are children making? And, I would add, what is the role of the parents during that time? Are they abandoning them in front of a screen, or are they participating, playing with them?

In this blogpost Mitch offers an interesting perspective, I hope it sparks rich discussions in your local meeting!

I’d love to hear other people’s perspectives on this!


Some spare reflections:

brushes, canvases and colors
threads and needles
chalks and blackboards
pens and pencils
guitars and pianos

These are all technologies too: are good or bad?
Or Are we thinking the digital technology is worst than others?
Could it depends on how we look at technology?
And to the use Do we make of it?
Can Cultural and political aspects affect the way we feel technology?
For Instance: The Nazis burned “bad” books because they were against their ideology.

To me all technologies are “good” when:

we are not slaves of them
we use them for creating, inventing, and playing
we use them to solve problems
when make us feel better and make us live better.


I do agree with you. Yes, technologies are “good” when we’re not slaves of them. I think ‘TECHNOLOGY’ itself has nothing to do. How we use technology is very important. If we use it for the betterment of the society, then technology is a boon for us. Unfortunately, around the globe, technology has been using for many obnoxious purposes. Hence, we must think for ‘humanization of technology’ so that we can use it for creating, playing, inventing and discovering which will ultimately make our lives better.


Carmelo, it’s true, the worrying thing is not that children are left with tablets or technological tools, without any purpose, other than to entertain.
But they miss very valuable opportunities to interact in the development of their children. This makes the difference with those parents, tutors, guides or teachers who find in these materials a treasure that can be combined with all the activities that allow the integral development of children and young people.


Technology is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. It is pragmatic.

Technology has always been a part of making. Whether it is tools to make fire or an iphone. A pencil is a technology.

There are a lot of resources in the ‘How might tech criticism fit into technology edu?’ thread here:

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Estamos diante de uma questão polêmica. A tecnologia é boa ou ruim? Se por um lado sabemos que a tecnologia é utilizada, por exemplo, por terroristas, políticos etc, espalhando mensagens de ódio, informações falsas e incitando a violência. Por outro lado, smartphones, redes sociais, computação na nuvem e aplicativos nos conectam com pessoas, com saberes e com serviços que aparentemente não conseguimos viver no momento atual. A grande questão é: a serviço de que e de quem a tecnologia está sendo utilizada? Se tivemos clareza na resposta saberemos responder definitivamente de que lado o uso da tecnologia está. Para nós educadoras a tecnologia deverá sempre ser boa mediante o objetivo e uso significativo que deverá ser utilizada.

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Hi @Vero

I was able to find a summary of Don Ihde’s, Philosophy of Technology. He is known as
an American philosopher of science and technology, and a postphenomenologist.[1]

Don Ihde, ‘The Technological Lifeword’

Thank you very much @jpaskett, when somebody read about our or somebody doubts, and take a moment to answer, this is a magical touch. Because every answer is important, I´m going to read about Don Ihde, and try to know more about him.
I´ll send you what I think about it Thanks again

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using technology as a tool to keep a child quite is just wrong on all levels. The screen time young children are being subjected to is crazy. It is a different thing if the screen images are interactive and the child is engaged rather than simply a consumer. Many educators report language difficulties in young children because the parents are not talking to their children!

Interesting discussion here… I quite agree with the view (explained by @tarmelop, @cyberparra & others) that it’s not so much about more or less technology, but about what you’re doing there.

And, in that sense, I think we should be giving a lot of thought, either from the perspective of the designer of tools, or from that of the consumer, to what kind of activities, behaviors, relationships… any given tool incentives (and not just as parents/educators, but as adult consumers ourselves).

La tecnología es buena utilizándola como un medio y acompañada de un propósito y es mala cuando cuando se utiliza en excesos y sin finalidad alguna

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Estoy de acuerdo contigo Adriana. Siempre depende del propósito que se tiene, de la finalidades y de la preparación del profesor a guiar el grupo también.

I just finished reading “Invent to Learn” and I loved how they described the power of using technology in the classroom. The majority of the technology developed is not in fact ‘helpful’ in developing the deeper learning, understanding, and essential skills we are striving for. Teaching applications often times fall short of achieving this goal and are simply electronic version of the texbooks and the traditional way of teaching. So, I don’t believe technology is bad but I think it can be poorly designed and poorly use, just like anything else.

Technology nowadays is a form of entertainment for our kids and for us too, example using the internet for hours on our mobile phones. Let’s face it! L :upside_down_face: L! But it depends on us adults as their guide if we allow it to be a good tool or a bad tool. We should determine the pros and cons of using technology. From there, we will know if it is a good thing for us or not.