STEAM vs STEM: What’s the difference? Importance?

hi! Any idea what is it all about? What’s the difference and its importance? Its learning outcome? Thanks in advance!

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STEM is, as you know, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
But when you add Art to this mix it becomes STEAM.

It’s just a away of saying that education today needs Social Sciences just as much as STEM subjects to tackle present day problems. This is what I think.

You should perhaps hear it from John Maeda to clear any doubts you have. Here’s his Google Talk on the same:

Thanks! I also found this :
after checking out what you have shared.

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The A is for all arts and humanities, not just social sciences. It recognizes that there are no silos or divisions in areas of knowledge and learning. It also encourages those whose strengths are not (yet) in the hard sciences to participate in STEM activities. This includes, in the long term, education of everyone to participate in essential public policy discussions about the societal impact of science and technology.
Here is a link to my Dance STEAM playlist on YouTube which collects videos of STEM dances, such as Hungarian folk dances of quick-sort and shell-sort and the annual “Dance Your PhD” contest, as well as grade school classes dancing the solar system and other science concepts. This playlist grew directly from my participation in previous iterations and projects of Learning Creative Learning and a suggestion from other LCL participants. Hope it gives you and your students some ideas for STEAM!


Thanks for sharing ms. Kathy! I’ve learned a lot from it. :blush: