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Here are some of my favorite resources for getting started with Scratch:

What are your favorite resources? Post them here!

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Hi Moran,
I work mainly on an iPad Pro in iOS 11. I’m not seeing the ability to use scratch on it. Am I missing something?


Hi Alex,

Unfortunately Scratch is only available on a desktop/laptop, and doesn’t support mobiles yet :slightly_frowning_face:

(That being said, our team is working really hard on Scratch 3.0 - which will support mobiles, and will be released in 2018)


I use this site as a music resource

The works are licensed under Creative Commons license and can be used without payment as long as credit is given.


Hi all
During the time I have created galleries of resources that I generally use in my labs, and maybe you can find them useful.

DebugMe - a collection of projects for debugging challenges. You have to investigate why the project does not work and find how to fix the problem. It’s challenging and funny, but above all solving problems is one of the best ways to learn (projects are mixed in Italian and English language).

Challenge Studio - This gallery contains a series of challenges that scratchers have to overcome. Read the instructions inside each project and find your solution. The challenges are designed to meet different level of difficulty: (E) easy, (M) medium, (A) advanced (they are not in sequence). Here again some are described in Italian and others in English

Scratch On!


Another awesome resource for Scratch is the:

Creative Computing Curriculum Guide designed by Karen Brennan at the Harvard School of Education.

It’s a free guide for educators that contains wonderful Scratch activities to try out with your students. One of my favorite part is that every activity includes questions to help students reflect on their creative process. It’s translated in different languages.

By the way, check out also the ScratchEd website and share more resources here!


Very nice activities! Thank you cyberparra! :slight_smile:


pour les francophones


The Irish Software Research Centre LERO operates this website that has a very nice set of tutorials with lesson plans etc. You have to register to download the content which is free.


Merci beaucoup cyberparra,
Je pensais depuis longtemps à des problèmes de ce type !
Je pense que mes élèves vont être passionnés !


What’s the thinking on the Scratch team about opening up development?
I know Scratch 2.0 has been open sourced, but is there any internal plan doing this for 3.0?


Scratch 3 is written in HTML5 and based on Google’s Blockly

You can develop and create your interface and your blocks
Here below the Scratch Virtual Machine code


cool! thanks


Bonjour Adriano,

Je trouve très intéressant ce que vous faites.
Je comprends aussi que vous écrivez et vous parlez couramment le français.

Eddy from Montpellier France


Bonjour Eddy
In the past I have worked in Italy for a french company, but unfortunately I can’t speak french (only few words)
Anyway, thank you for appreciating my activities.