Scratch Online Workshop this Friday!


Hello Creative Learners!

Do you want to participate to a (super experimental) Scratch Online Workshop for Educators on Unhangout?

The workshop is open to everyone, experienced Scratchers or people who never used Scratch before!
If you are interested, join us this Friday October 26th from 4:00 to 5:30pm (Boston Time).

October 26, 2018 8:00 PMOctober 26, 2018 9:30 PM

Let us know if you have any questions!
Hope to see you there!

[Wk 4 - Activity] Remix Something!
[_Attività 4_] Remixa Qualcosa!
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Excited to try this! :smile:

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Funny experience. I helped and played
During the session I have created Pumping Kaleidoscope

[Wk 4 - Activity] Remix Something!
[_Attività 4_] Remixa Qualcosa!

This was a really interesting experiment. I cannot believe how quickly the time passed! Although my nose was deep in trying to figure out my project (a format for scatter plot graphing) it was really nice to be creating in a shared virtual space, to ask for input when I was frustrated and stuck, to see other people’s projects at the end share, get some insights into clones, and ghost effect.
I still feel clumsy navigating the platform, taking the central screen when I want to mute or un-mute, but practice will alleviate that.


My little experiment :space_invader:

Some random thoughts on the workshop, many already expressed by others yesterday:

  • A good room size seems important. Maybe having (say) 3 to 5 people, more might lead to a mess I guess…
  • Some sort of starting point, theme or prompt (however vague, open, wide) might help people to get started, and maybe help connect people’s projects in some way. (Yesterday Halloween was sort of an informal theme, though :grimacing:)
  • I agree that the situation is kind of weird, being there working silently with other people. Specially if you’re new to Scratch or Unhangout or Online Workshops (or everything at the same time!), you propably don’t know how to behave in that context…
  • In that sense, @yumikom had a good point reflecting on whether having the mics on might be better, even at the risk of getting some noise, because the act of turning it on/off kills spontaneity in a way. So I throw a possibly crazy idea: is it technically too mad to have some sort of noise gate on Unhangout? (so that you only hear someone’s audio when above a certain level, automatically turning audio on when they speak, and off when not).
  • Maybe also having more people taking the role of facilitators, at least until the thing gets running on its own, might help.
  • It felt quite short for me: if you want to have some quality Scratch time AND interact with your peers, even go to other rooms and have a look and chat there as well… it felt too short!!

Good experiment, though!


There is a great tool on the web so you can use block programming


In our room there were 4 projects: form @cyberparra, @gbonanome (HallowenDojo), @augusto (The donut & the bat), and @MissMissShelly


@MissMissShelly could you share the link to your project?


@tarmelop it would be nice to collect the project we made during the workshop in a studio to continue the discussion.


Here is the first iteration with students’ data entered.

The second iteration is just the set up for 25 students.
I did not use clones and lists as you suggested, but drew a circle, duplicated with the stamp and changed the colour in the drawing.
My time out and and frustration level was up so went with what I know. That said, I’d like to try your suggestion. Do you know any projects that are using that process so I could model after them?
Here is the project after the online workshop.
Thank you again for your help.

Tried a third iteration after I saw the geometric shape project in the Week 3 Passion Scratch projects. It gave me the idea of using a stamp and pen up and down along with your list idea. I am happy to discover I can use the duplicate stamp with code. I could not figure out how to get it to go to the next variable on the list… maybe I don’t need to do that at all. I am a bit lost but that’s okay.


@MissMissShelly, see this remix


Wow! That is awesome. Thank you!
Also WAY BEYOND my coding comprehension and abilities.
I get the idea of the block you made, but do not get the underscore elements, nor where the element block came from.
(I have a fragmented identity going on… MissMissShelly on iPad sign in, and Shelly_Sharp on laptop… but I am one and the same…)


Hi. I could not make it due to work. Is there anywhere I can go to get access to this cool information