Scratch Experiments


We are happy to finally reach this forum. I have been traveling in Kenya doing Scratch in several places. I arrived at one of our active Scratch teams on Oct 26th in Bungoma/Bukokholo village run by Hands of Charity. we have been trying to catch up since. The children with the help of teachers Rose, Mary, Lilian and Rhoda did do some lovely name animations after we got on line with the LCL activities. We had trouble uploading their work while I was there so I have been carrying the .sb files on a flash drive with me. the teachers have been watching the videos and reading the course materials. Just sorry that you haven’t heard from them.
next I was in Taita to do Scratch in the tiny place called Bura. There was no power in the classroom, and getting to a network there is a challenge. We did story telling, recording sounds and rhythms. We finally took all our laptops to another location where there was power and students were able to pick their favorite break dancers, boy, or other character with movement.