[Round 3] Introduce yourself!


Hi there,

Nice to meet you - my name is Christian, I am originally a playwright and producer of theatre who ended up walking the tightrope between culture and economy, ICT and arts, marketing and storytelling, content development and project management. I have my own little company and work part time as head of concept and communications for a collaboration platform in Switzerland. My professional journey is exciting but sometimes also very confusing. The question “what are you doing?” still isn’t too easy to answer as my profile is constantly changing due to new challenges and jobs. It’s great and annoying at the same time.


Hello everyone, my name is Fibinse Xavier. I work as a data scientist at Delhi, India. Part of my work involves storytelling insights so that the business can use the data-insights effectively. I guess I’m partly here because of afore mentioned reason and out of curiosity.

Nice to meet everyone.


Hi everyone,
I’m Chinedum Ugorji from Abuja Nigeria. I am the Champion of CoderDojo Maitama where i work with young people between the ages of 7 to 17 year. Also, the head of department in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Throne Room, Transcorp Hilton Abuja, where i interface with parents, teachers, children and teenagers.
i am late to the party and trying to do a catch up as i just returned from Ireland after attending DojoCon2018. I look forward to learning and gaining more experience in working with young people that is why i signed up for this program. Thanks!


hi folks
My name is Ross.
I am an IT professional in Sydney, (Au)Stralia
I also run a kids coding club on the weekends

Looking forward to learning with others
I live in western sydney, if there is anyone in the area who wants to connect and discuss anything in this course, let me know

have a good one


hi Chinedum

I have just joined the course as well.
I run a coderdojo in parramatta, Sydney, Australia

how was dojocon this year?



hi Russell

That is fantastic to hear that you are championing STEAM thinking in schools in Sydney.
I live in Northmead, so not too far from your school

Once I get into this course it would be great to share ideas



DojoCon2018 was great. it was my first and I had a great time. I learnt so much that am implementing in my Dojo.
Welcome to CoderDojo community, its a great think to be part of the success story of young people.


Hi Chinedum,

Nice to meet you. I am also Nigerian and believe we need creative learning principles now more than ever.


Hi everyone. Great to be here. My name is Simeon ADEBOLA. This is my first time in LCL. I am currently a Masters of Science in Engineering Technology in Tennessee. My interests are in technology for social interactions including robotics for learning and Human-Computer interactions. I believe creative learning principles should underpin all of our education approaches.


Hello everyone,

My name’s Alex and I’m a teacher in Brazil.

I teach English, Logistics and Business.

I’m 40, and I have 2 kids.

Feel free to contact me:


Hello LCL, am Kelvin from African leadership university(ALU) . I am looking forward t an educative time with you .


Hola soy karla Alejandra Vásquez Rodríguez, licenciada en educación preescolar desde Saltillo, Coahuila de Zaragoza,México. Estoy feliz de particpar y ampliar mi panorama de la educación. Me apasiona la filosofía reggio emilia,kinder forest, la filosofía para niños,el arte y juego para aprender con los alumnos.
Actualmente en, México la educación publica deja de lado éstas ideas y espero que aquí pueda compartir y crecer junto con ustedes.


Sou Simone.
Trabalho com ensino profissional.


Ciao a tutti. Insegno nella scuola primaria.Mi interessano tutte le strategie metodologiche per la didattica inclusiva


Hey LCL,
I am Ravi Kant from India. I am sophomore student studying Computer Science Engineering .
I am an innovator .


I’m Satoru N and working as a teacher at Katoh Gyoshu Elementary School in Japan. I’d like to learn about Creative Learning and know the practice of lesson and activity in the world.
Thank you.

Sorry…I am not a good English speaker.
So I’m studying in English by writing in this site.

My Practice of the lesson in Elementary school


Ci sono anche io! Insegnante di scuola primaria con tanto desiderio di apprendere e confrontarmi con tutti voi.


Hi Georgina, how are you?
I was curious, you said that you are a technology teacher in elementary school. In Brazil we do not have this discipline in the elementary school curriculum. Could you tell me more about how you’ve taught it?
Thank you!


Hi Federica, how are you?
I was curious, you said that you are a teacher of Latin and Italian literature. In which kind of teaching do your classes take place? In Brazil we do not have the discipline of the curricular grade of elementary or middle school. Could you tell me more about how you teach Latin, for example? The Brazilian has inherited a lot of Latin, but no one is encouraged to study it. Is it the same in your area?
Thank you!


Hi Julia, how are you?
How do classes take place in elementary and middle school in your country? How is the curriculum for children and young people?
Thank you!