[Round 3] Introduce yourself!


My name is Anna, I live in Rovereto, north of Italy on board with Austria. I’have been teaching since 1997. I teach math and science in middle school. I love reading, trekking, traveling and skiing. During my lesson, I try to do a lot of experiment and use new technologies. In the last few yeas I’ ve known coding and scratch. So I need to learn a lot.


I am Noelia and I am a teacher consultant in Molise. I am the Champion of a Coderdojo here and I wish to get inspiration from all of you!


I am Raquel from a village close to Barcelona, Spain. I am very enthusiastic about a change in education, For about ten years I work for implementing positive education and creativity is one of the bases to learn self determination, self- regulation, to foster creativity leads to opportunities to enjoy, to passionate, and to feel satisfaction. So I hope to learn alo tin this course to help children to learn in creative ways.


I live in France. I am an adult trainer, sports educator and father of two (5 and 10) and I am very happy to discover the Creative Learning and share with you.


Bonjour, je suis formateur pour adultes, éducateur sportif et père de deux enfants et je suis très heureux de découvrir le Creative Learning et de partager avec vous.


Hi! I’m Roberta Freitas and I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m an Engli teacher and EdTech coordinator at a language school. I love teaching, traveling, technology, fashion and culture in general and try o bring that all together whenever planning something for sts. I discovered Creative Learning at a Festival last month and I’m very happy to be able to learn more about it!


Hi, I’m Mart. I live in the Netherlands and I’m a student on a Dutch high school.
I’m interested in creative learning and I hope to learn more about it here!


Hi, everyone, My name is Peng Xu, from Oregon Stare University, and am concerning about using technology to improve the traditional culture. So glad to see you.


Hi Shelly! I’ve never taught kindergarten kids, but, I think talking about when it is important to be independent, when it is important to be collaborative, is a really interesting point. It is often framed as the importance of “teamwork”, but it certainly is helpful for kids (and all ages!) to think about how to gain power in numbers. Another interesting idea that is related (possibly better with ages 8+) is an understanding the world is what is a cause (systemic) and what is a symptom. A general practice which doesn’t actually speak to idea of power but is essential is the process of reflection. All this is just a brain dump for now, I haven’t really thought about it specifically about how it relates to creative learning, it just feels right to add it in. In terms of “outside the box”, a favourite of mine is a book by robert chambers on participatory workshops.


Hi there! I’m Gemma, from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve just completed a teaching degree and will be teaching Maths and Science next year. I’m interested in creativity, design and STEM. I’m trying to learn Spanish in my spare time, so I’m excited to see there’s lots of Spanish speakers here. Looking forward to learning creative learning with everyone.


Sou Adriana, pesquisadora, professora e apaixonada por metodologias de ensino e tenho muito interesse no tema aprendizagem criativa. Espero aprender muito com todos vocês.


Interesting reflections and I agree, a thread that is really ripe for reflection. I definitely can see links between empowerment and participation and engagement.

Robert Chambers’ work looks really interesting. Have you used it systematically, or dipped in for goodies?


Hello, LCL!
My name is Kari Espin and I’m an Innovation Specialist for an Education Service Center in Texas. I’m very excited to join this group and learn more about integrating creative learning in all grade levels, professional development and the office.


You can dip into Chambers’ book every now and then for a lifetime of facilitation work. It’s not needed to read it front to back.


My name is Paola. I live in Rome, Italy. I teach Chinese K-5 and STEM activities collaborating with my colleagues! I am just a little late, but I am excited to join the group!


Hi LCL friends! My name is Brian Jordan, and I live in Cambridge, MA. I’m a game & web developer, and have always loved creating tools and toys for learning.

I’m currently co-developing an 3D laser-sword indie game with a former coworker from my time at PopCap games. Most relevant to this class, we provide a level editor for our players who have now shared thousands of creations, and there’s a community of players who build mods for the game. I’d love to find ways to dig in on these and find ways to raise the ceiling and widen the walls for our creator-players while we’re still in development!

I previously interned at One Laptop per Child on the Learning Team where I had the opportunity to use Scratch and Etoys with students and teachers in Rwanda in the early stages of their laptop roll-out. Most recently I was a developer at, working with the the Scratch-inspired block-based programming tools Blockly and Droplet to in support of their K-12 curriculum & project creation platforms. I led development and prototyping on some fun projects like the Maker Toolkit (a playground for creating projects with Arduino microcontroller boards like the Adafruit Circuit Playground from the browser), the Minecraft Hour of Code, and some more out-there prototypes around 3D printing and voxel game development :slight_smile:

This is a class I wish I could have taken years ago, since it’s so relevant to what I’m most passionate about doing! Looking forward to learning with all of you!


@SarahEJudd that’s so cool!! My previous job was working on the curriculum tools there :smile:

Have you tried any of the project-based tools? For the upper-middle students, App Lab / Game Lab / Web Lab can be a lot of fun (overview) and have a pretty high ceiling! They remain my own go-to platform for making quick hack-projects without needing any setup.

Happy to help out if you ever have Qs on any of that stuff!


Hi LCL Community! My name is Russell Cairns an Upper Primary (Elementary) Teacher in Sydney Australia. I am a new teacher, who graduated at 50 and are driving change in education. When I was at school ( a long time ago, I was always pursuing the why and how of the world and excelled in Science Fair exhibits including biology, geology, and animal sciences. Prior to teaching, I enjoyed careers in advertising, marketing, special events, and adult education and training, the decision to choose to teach as a career gives me the opportunity to express my creativity, to share knowledge and a real ability to make a difference to both my students and other teachers.
As a member of my school’s Critical and Creative Inquiry Team, I am tasked with developing learning experiences and revised scope and sequences incorporating science, geography and history concepts, skills and tools. Using this approach, I aim for teachers to integrate STEAM Thinking into their curriculum areas and are developing a Makerspace proposal to facilitate project-based learning where students are using tools, methods, and collaboration to discover and deepen their understanding of learning outcomes. I am also looking at the school’s current resources and teaching methods to work with other teachers in successfully implementing the new Digital Technologies syllabus.


Carmelo! Thus is Jennifer Arnest–my team from SF just met you at LLK in Boston last Tuesday! It was so great to meet you all, see the lab, and work to answer your great questions about why we came, and to hear who you all are and what brought you all to MIT, in real time. You helped us and inspired us as we work to create our vision of technology and creativity and its role in our Quaker k-8 school!

Now, Im off to make homemade ravioli and cavatelli with my two children–a peer passion play project for the weekend. I aim to make plenty of space for them to argue, to be derailed by them as they play with the dough for too long, and be challenged by them as they try to change the plan all along the way.



Hello LCL Community! This is Leslie Leung from Hong Kong. Hope I am not too late to join the conversation as I have missed some message before. I am now working as a Secondary School Teacher in Hong Kong. Before teaching, I have been in the education technology industry for more than 15 years. As an electronic engineering graduate, I am very interested in applying new technology in education scenario. I have also help organize and judge in the HK ICT Innovation award for students to stimulate creative innovation idea. Recently, with the promotion of STEM education, I do help my school and also some collaborating teachers in the region to design some new STEM teaching idea. Hope I can get more idea here with all of you and share our view on creation.