[Round 3] Introduce yourself!


Hi everybody,

I am Nino, a maker educator from Mexico City. Happy to join with you all!


Hi everybody,

I am Alfred from mainland China and now running an afterschool enrichment program focusing on STEM. I always believe that one of the main purposes of STEM education is to make our students more creative. I am very happy to come across the course and hopefully I could know more about the mistery of creative learning.


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Bom dia Jacques Bessa, sou aqui de Fortaleza e que prazer imenso encontrar um 'Bessa" e alguém com sentimentos de confiança e credibilidade em relação a tecnologia enquanto possibilidade para aprimoramento da aprendizagem. Super feliz em está nesse grupo e poder aprender sempre mais! Obrigada.


Bom dia, sou Selma Bessa de Fortaleza/Ceará. Trabalho com formação de professor, em informativa educativa, para a Prefeitura Municipal de Fortaleza. Fazemos a criação e mediação de cursos como por exemplo, letramento digital, apropriação dos recursos digitais, integração das tecnologias, elaboração de conteúdos digitais para a formação dos professores da rede a criarem seus projetos de tecnologia e utilizarem em sala de aula. Fruto disso, já desenvolvemos redes de aprendencia utilizando as ferramentas digitais e conseguimos que o professor se tornasse autor de seu próprio material digital de uso nas aulas. Vislumbro nesse grupo aprender mais para poder propagar mais as imensas possibilidades de uso da tecnologia na educação. muito obrigada pela oportunidade de construção e partilha do conhecimento. Abraços.


Hi everybody, this is Efe Misirli from Ankara, Turkey. I am a graduate student at Ankara University Education Technology Department. My thesis topic is effects of maker movement on education. Hope this course will help me to improve myself. Cheers!


Hi there!
I’m Michael from Italy!
Now I’m a university student in Education Sciences.
My background comes from 7-years-work exeprience in IT-world.
I’m trying to join the education-world with the IT-world and see what I can do with these world.
I discover LCL and now here I am guys!
Let’s see what we can do!


Hi All! I am Dan Lubin. I am a High School Science Teacher at Gateway to Success Academy in Scottville, Michigan. I am excited to be a part of this community and learn how it can help my practice as a teacher. Check out my school:


Hi there Everyone! Great People. My name es Felipe Combariza. I Enjoy creativity … but Playing with creativity … That is the best


Hi I am samira esnaashari, a kids teacher in coding and making games field. I live in Iran Tehran and i am so happy to engaged LCL


Hi I am a little late to the party but hopefully I will catch up. My name is Mike I am based in the North East of the UK


Hi everyone! I’m Vicente Gasco from Puerto Rico, a 3D printing professor and product designer looking for innovative ways to implement and learn from creative thinking in favor both of my students and my professional practice.


What kinds of things are you making? We are just starting out and I have set things up, am nervous, and I really want to get people in and using it!


Wow! That is a pretty broad topic! What are some of the most interesting things you’ve encountered?



I am Cora Siu from Hong Kong. I am an educator mainly focusing on supporting teachers teaching Computational Thinking in Hong Kong.

Nice to meet you all!



My name is Janice and I am a teacher at Cocos Islands District High. I am interested in helping students learn as much as they can whilst having as much fun as they can. I love learning and have jumped into learning with the students as Australia rolls out its new digital technologies curriculum.


Hello, I am a consultant from Denmark. I have a very long experience, and I hope, I´m still apple to learn and participate in Learning and Making.


My name is Benjamin Light and I am a human being who just happens to be a husband, father of 3, and teacher (although I think our profession should change it´s name to lead learner). I lead the learning of 5th graders at an International School in lovely Medellin, Colombia, South America. It´s my tenth year there.

This is my first course here, and I can´t wait to see how everything unfolds.


Hi there,

I’m Nico from Peer 2 Peer University and I find myself somewhere in the wacky world of non-formal adult education. I had never heard of ‘creative learning’, but I’m excited to explore what this means to others around the world. Hearing about the 4 Ps just now, (people, play, project-based, passion), I would say another P is worth adding: POWER! I think an understanding of what power is and how it affects learning is essential to learning as well as learning to create the world we want.

Also, I’m a new dad and find myself in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Hope to connect with you all soon,



Hi Nico,
I’m curious to hear your thoughts on power as a fifth P. I teach at the elementary level and hold autonomy near and dear to my teaching… I don’t just do up kindergarten zippers and shoe laces… I teach kids the motor observational skills to be able to do it themselves.
A friend of mine is in the process of reinventing herself as an ‘outside the box’ teacher of adults so non-formal adult ed also spikes my interest.