[Round 3] Introduce yourself!


Hi Laura, welcome! If you haven’t seen them already, you might be interested in the Scratch Activity Cards (from the Scratch team at MIT) and the Creative Computing Guide (from the ScratchEd team at Harvard).


Welcome back, David! Looking forward to learning more about your current explorations!


Welcome back Jen! Great to see you here again!


Thank you, Sonya!!


Welcome Lorraine! Really interesting to hear! Your comment about AI makes me think about this blog post by Mitch Resnick. Also, I wonder if you would be interested in this discussion about parents encouraging creativity that Mohona started. Looking forward to learning with you!


Thank you very much for the appreciation. This gives us a big boost to continue our work. Working in the tribal communities of India, we have observed how children come up with simple solutions for complex problems. Most of the times, designers coming from other ‘context’ find it difficult to gather the empathy required to solve the problems, however, the people from the communities very much know the problems they face and can solve them in a much better way if given some support through a platform.


Hello! I am Sam and I teach in a PreK-6 makerspace. I am excited to be here.


Hi! I’m Marlena and I’m a librarian and informal educator that’s focused on implementing maker activities. I’ve enjoyed the readings so far and they’ve helped me flesh out some of my ideas about the maker movement.


Konnichiwa everyone!

I am Atsuki, student at Kobe Institute of computing in Kobe Japan!

I had a programming workshop by using Scratch at Pangha, Thailand. Through this experience, I could know creative learning can beyond borders. I am looking forward to listening your experiences and sharing mine in this community with playful feeling!

Thank you and nice to meet you all of members!


Hello, I’m Priya from NJ, USA. I recently started mentoring two computer science/programming clubs at Cresskill Public Library–Girls Who Code (girls only) and Cresskill Code Club. I’m looking to gain inspiration in creative learning, as well as share knowledge and ideas with fellow members. Look forward to connecting with you!


Hi, LCL! I’m Erika Hayashi, living in Japan. I worked as a video camera photographer for 10 years and now I am an engineer for broadcasting facilities. I have a 8 years old daughter and we learn scratch together. As I am interested in Data visualization and coding, I am studying on a MOOC recently. I would like to teach scratch for children in future. The reason why I join LCL is think more about creativity.


Hi everyone!

My name is Roberta Madrazo, and I’m from Mexico City.
Education and creativity are my passion, I believe that one MUST go hand in hand with the other, as they are the two topics that will lead us to strive in the changing world that we live in, helo transform our reality, and form us to build our future.

Very excited for this course!


HI my name is Mary and I am a Elementary Computer Science teacher . I’m excited to join this learning community.


Hello Everyone,

I am Omkar Balli, I work at Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research at Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai, India. I am re-introducing myself in this cycle of the course. I excited to meet you all, hoping to learn about designing learning experience and environment using technology, art and other forms.

Looking forward for connected learning experience!


Sou Neuza de Osório, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, trabalho no Núcleo de Tecnologia Educacional. Núcleo trabalhamos com formação de professores para o uso das tecnologias e quero conhecer melhor a aprendizagem criativa.


Hi, my name is Luiz Cardillo and I’m from São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil.
I’m a control and automation engineer and I’m very interested in programming and using technology in education.


Hello everybody! My name is Andrea Alessio and I’m mexican. I recently graduated from College, BA in Pedagogy. I am currenly working as a Second Grade teacher. I enjoy very much designing different learning strategies so my students can learn by discovering and doing. I‘m looking forward to learn from all of you!!


That makes so much sense and honours the knowledge people hold of their lives and their resources. One of my pitfalls with our makerspace has been trusting students to identify problems that are important. Your work inspires me to have more faith. Would you be willing to share some information about your supportive platform?



I’m Hazel from China, I am here to explore new methods of learning and teaching, I have been obsessed with MIT
Media Lab for a long time, this is a good chance to explore MIT Media Lab inventation!!!


Hello LECL Community!

I’m Laura, industrial designer and Maker Coach in a private school at Cozumel Mexico, I’ve been working in the design of creative learning environments/ MakerSpaces, integrating STEAM education with new technology techniques in elementary, middle and high school curriculum.