[Round 3] Introduce yourself!


Hi! I’m Lisa Kimondo, a Mechatronic Engineer and a Program Director at a Community Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. Really excited to be here!! Can’t wait to share and learn alongside each and every one of you!


Hi everyone! My name is Dori. I take children development courses and love to look for inspiration in creative learning. Looking forward to learning from this creative communities!


Hi, everyone

I’m Julia, from Spain.
It’s very nice to join this passionate community of learners.

Let’s do it. :slight_smile: :muscle:



Hi, my name is Loreta and I am teaching ESL and robotics at the primary school in a small town Rokiskis (Lithuania). I am very excited to start learning creative learning with you!


Hiya. I’m Drew. I am 54 and am Director of IT Services and Head of Computing at Brampton VI Form College in Hendon, NW London. I have attended 5 of the last 6 World Scratch conferences in Boston (twice), Barcelona, Amsterdam & Bordeaux. It is a genuine thrill to be part of such an internationally diverse cohort of participants.


Thanks for creating this great forum. I am the Director of Instructional Technology for a small rural public school district in central NY, USA.


Hello! I’m Catherine, a middle school librarian in Richmond, Virginia, USA. I manage our active makerspace.


Hi All!

My name is Ana Maria Cardenas, I am a MS student at the School of Information at the University of Michigan.

I am looking forward to learn more about creative learning and to meet people who want to apply this knowledge in their fields!


Hello everyone!

My name is Gabriel, an AI Specialist/Software developer @ Robert BOSCH company here in Brazil. I’m currently pivoting my career towards education and creative learning, and starting a PhD in the field next year.

I’m really excited about learning all I can about creative learning and discussing various topics with people that share the same passion!

Hope to talk to you all soon =)


Sou Regiane moro em Foz do Iguaçu- PR, leciono no ensino médio para 1, 2 e 3 anos. Sou licenciada e bacharel em Química.
Coordeno feiras de ciencias na minha escola, portanto auxilio alunos de várias disciplinas e com várias propostas.
Trabalho em uma escola estadual.
Achei muito interessante a proposta do curso.
Sempre tive idéias e propostas criativas.


que trabalho bacana deve ser o seu. como faz para acessar o daraty e wikilogia.


Hi everyone!
I’m Tracie Mastronicola and I work at San Francisco Friends School. I am the Academic Dean and an advisor to 7th and 8th graders. As Academic Dean I have the privilege of working with all of our teachers, K - 8th grade, on everything from scope and sequence to designing projects and integrated courses. Whatever the discipline, I love thinking about how to implement experiences for students that build their creativity muscles.

I’m looking forward to learning alongside all of you!


Hello There! We are a week late but eager and engaged LCL participants. I am the Lower School Head at the San Francisco Friends School. Ive been a lifelong kindergartener my whole life…started my career actually teaching kindergarten. Then I taught teachers at the School of Ed at Mills College, and now Im working at a Quaker school as the Head of the Lower School. We are really interested in how attention, focus, process, and reflection, can play key roles in learning and developing creativity. At our Friends School we think about where our students are going and what they need in order to get there. This is why Ive joined the LCL group! And also why we are coming to visit the Media Lab at the end of the month, too. Gotta go do my homework projects now, but thanks for letting us in!



I’m Daniellen from Brazil. I live in the city of São Paulo. I work with Active Methodologies and Design Thinking in education. I am very excited to learn more about “Creative Learning”. I am also available to all.


Hello everyone, my name is Mehdi Oulmakki, I am originally from Morocco, but I am now based in Kigali, Rwanda, where I lead the computer science team at the African Leadership University.

I focus heavily on programming, and particularly at shifting a mindset that I notice is cemented in a lot of our students: They fixate on acquiring a language so they can replicate some existing tool and secure a job. This is valid, but shouldn’t be the only narrative: I am designing courses that try to equally balance skill acquisition with play and creativity: Make a game that your friends would enjoy, create artwork you find pleasing, build something as a gift to your mom!

I am really excited about the course (although a bit late to the party) and looking forward to interacting with all!


Hello. My name is Kumiko Nakayama. I live in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan.
My job is to teach programming to elementary and junior high school students in the programming classroom.
I would like to learn lots of things happily in LCL
Thank you.


I’m Ryan Wang from China. I live in the city of Jiaxing, near Shanghai. I work in a bilingual school, teaching scratch now. I am very excited to learn more about “Creative Learning”. I am also available to all.


Hi everyone,

I’m Sarah, from Saudi Arabia. I run a makerspace in Riyadh which is one of the very few makerspaces in the region.
I joined LCL in the hopes of getting to know a good and structured method to introduce making to students.

Looking forward to learning with you.


Hello guys! My name is Cristina Pereira Chagas, I’m Brazilian and I’ve a Master’s Degree in Education and New Technologies. I work as an Educational Technologies Analyst and teach courses in “Education and New Technologies”. I’m here to learn and share with you. :woman_technologist:t4:


Hello Stuart Ball here, from Wales in the UK. I am freelance digital learning specialist. Working with teachers and students on lots of exciting digital projects. I excited about this course and I am looking forward to learning loads of new ideas.