[Round 3] Introduce yourself!


Glad to see that there is at least one more Greek person in the course!


My name is Sonya and I am from New Zealand, living in Nanjing, China, teaching MYP (Grades 6-10) Design at Nanjing International School. I have been teaching in international schools since leaving NZ in 2001 (Laos, USA, Germany, Thailand, Japan, USA (again), Germany (again!), and now China. I have a passion for play and after teaching elementary education for 21 years, have moved to middle school. I am excited to see how I can build a culture of play in the MS.


Hi Troy, I teach in Nanjing. We have a few people here who used to work in Bangladesh. Looking forward to this course. Curious to see what we will learn!




I have heard a lot of GREAT things about Lego Serious Play.


Hi Alex - I am also from NZ but living in China (Nanjing). What school do you work at in NZ?


Hello Creative Learners,

My name is Fani from Greece and I am a researcher in science education with a PhD from the Institute of Education - University College London. Since 2011 I have coordinated two very interesting European projects on creativity and early years science, one called ‘Creative Little Scientists’ and the other ‘Creativity in Early Years Science Education’.
I have tried to join the previous Round of the course, but unexpected circumstances did not allow me to attend. Hope this time I am luckier!
I am very excited to join this course and get to know all you - so amazing people.


Kia Ora Ian. I am from NZ but have been living abroad for 18 years, teaching in international schools. I am also teaching design in Nanjing, China. Looking forward to learning creatively with you! Sonya


These projects sound amazing! I keep dipping in and out of my role as Middle School Design teacher and mom to a 2 and 5 year old. Love the creative scientists - my daughter is currently mad about science projects so I am having fun learning with her! Looking forward to learning more from you! Sonya


I am glad you like them. If you go to the corresponding websites you will find lots of materials that you may like and be useful to you.


Hi, I’m Jessica Dias from Brazil. I’m an English teacher in Cabo Frio, RJ. I work with kids from 3 to 11 years old. I am really excited to be here.


Hello! My name is Triinu. I am robotic teacher from Estonia . Also I’m learning in University of Tartu.


Thank you for linking your website. It is very interesting. I come from northern Canada, very much a rural area and agree that often solutions designed by people who do not understand the local context do no fit. My dad once told me “change doesn’t happen from the centre, it happens from the margins.” You are definitely demonstrating that!
I love the bicycle blender.


Hi everyone! My name is Jaana. I live and work in South Estonia. My work is to help teachers to bring tehnology to their classrooms.


Hi everyone. I am Graham. I love learning and play, so interested in combining them. Professionally I am an entrepreneur, product leader and strategist. I am based in Oakland, CA.

I enjoy trying to make sense of the world. I believe in being vulnerable and that people love stories. I am happiest when learning and am always looking for opportunities to play.

I was born in South Africa and grew up in England. I have a masters degree in Engineering Design.


My name is Zaira Grostieta. I´m from Mexico City.
I am a story and digital artist and 3D animator. My professional goal is to bring imagination and art together to develop artistic and technological projects that have creativity, originality, inspiration and outside paradigm bases. I work in the creation and development of new interactive techniques that can be used for pedagogical purposes. I have joined the LCL course to learn new techniques that may help me to understand and create better projects for kids (0-99) :slight_smile: Thank you.


Hello everyone, I am Cris from the Netherlands. I like to learn more about creative learning so I am exited to join in. I have some experience with Scratch and creative learning with Lego and I hope I will learn a lot more about creative learning.



This is Varsha Lalwani and I am currently involved with dHive team to work on building tangible programming tools under the name dCode to get more children into community based problem solving. Looking forward to interesting learnings from this course!


Olá, sou Danilo Cunha formado em Sistemas de Informação e Pedagogia.

Atualmente estou cursando pós-graduação em Inovação na Educação.

Sou professor de Letramento Digital do 5º ano ao 8º ano em Valinhos-SP

Apaixonado por tecnologia, educação e inovação. Gosto bastante de moodle, office 365, arduíno, raspberry pi…



Oi Danilo, sou o Flavio, de Valinhos também! Bem vindo ao curso!

Temos aqui também o fórum em Português,

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