[Round 3] Introduce yourself!


Hi LCL. My name is Michelle, an UX and Product designer from Panama City, Panama with a background in Industrial Design and Psychology.

I am a mentor at one of the Computer Clubhouses in Panama and I have had experience teaching STEM to elementary school children using Scratch, MakeyMakey, and ideas of the LCL philosophy.
I am looking to learn more about tools and ideas used for creative learning and the impact they can have in developing communities.

Looking forward to meet new people and read more experiences!


Reading the posts in the various Romance languages is doing wonders for my language practice, for sure! I knew Portuguese and Italian were very similar to the languages I’ve studied, but I’m pleased how much I can understand – at least enough to get a general idea of what is being said.

I think I’ll wait for a second time through the program before I try to participate in Spanish! My ability to speak and write is pretty much limited to the present tense right now.

Nice to meet you too! So many fascinating people here!


Hi, i am TJ. I am a architectural design student from university of Pennsylvania . Love to do some exploration in interactive design.


We used Sonic Pi in last Summer Camp, with teenagers. We convine this programme with Processing. The results were awesome! :slight_smile:


Hello hello! This group seems slightly larger than the Slack #welcome - so I’ll introduce myself here as well! My name is Lorena (my English-speaking friends call me Lorax which makes me smile, I do really like trees). I am originally from Mexico City, currently living and working in an awesome education non-profit in Toronto, Canada. I’d love to connect with people locally as well, so if you’re in Toronto and like offline collaboration, send me a message!


¡Hola Daniel! I’d love to hear more about makerspaces in Mexico! What has been your favourite project? Or biggest surprise or “aha moment” working in the community?? ­¡Saludos!


My name is Rayhan and I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m an independent researcher on ‘Educational, Social & Youth’ issues. I’m a passionate E-Learner & I’ve successfully participated in and completed more than 25 MOOCs/E-Learning courses from the world’s leading universities, including the “Design and Development of Educational Technology” course offered by MITx, an online learning initiative of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), through edX. This is the 3rd time I’m participating in LCL. I’m very delighted to be a part of this global community of learners, educators, designers, researchers and thinkers!
Good luck!!



Hi, everyone!
I´m Juan Elías, from Seville (Spain). I’m an economist, Lego Serious PLay FAcilitator, coach and design thinker, working for the education sector to introduce the entrepreneurial competences on the learners, teachers, directives and organizational development and performance.
Learning through Play is a key way to achieve it.


Alô, sou Enoque Alves, professor universitário no Brasil. Trabalho com um projeto de ensino de programação para crianças.


Cool! I’ll definitely check Sonic Pi again after christmas, when I’m not so busy…


Hello from Málaga!!



I´m Otavio. I support the design and management of public education improvement projects in Brazil, and collaborate in the development of an online service for collaborative work used by NGOs.
I´m excited with the possibilies offered by creative learning environments.


Olá Eliane. Estou participando das atividades do NTE POrto Alegre. Acredito que podemos trocar umas ideias.


Hello everyone! :grinning:
I’m Sana. I started my journey in 2011 when I played a role of an organizing member of a local community called Wikilogia, a collaborative community of engineering students envisioning an economically empowered generation of students with marketable global and regional competencies.
We recently launched a joint local - UN program called Wikilogia Hackathon to support students build technical projects related to real-life problems and to make them one step closer to entrepreneurship!
I also work on my startup Daraty, an educational toolkit to teach kids about electronics and technology to make them ready for 2030 workforce and needed technical skills.

Have a great day!


Hi, I am Sunny Chan from Singapore. I am a Secondary School teacher and heading the Infocomm technology department. Would really love to learn about creative learning and collaboration with the community.


I’m Jennifer, this is my first LCL!
I grew up in New York, but I live and work in Milan and Reggio Emilia, Italy as an atelierista!


I am Gwen Thompson from Gainesville Florida. I teach robotics and coding for our local Santa Fe College Community Education program. I own a mobile makerspace and am in the process of trying to start an Agile Learning Center with other like minded parent/educators in our area.


I’m Erik. I’m a father of three working as a Computer Programmer. I my spare time I do volunteer work as a teacher/mentor teaching programming and create IT to 7-17 year olds.
Really hoping LCL will help me be become better at switching of “teaching-mode” to “Creative/play-mode”.


Hi Everyone! My name is Marco Viera here in Boston, MA, USA, and I have a passion for STEAM, education, and environmental design of educational and creative spaces. I’ve mostly worked in educational organizations managing technology projects, and I’ve found a new passion in designing holistic environments that enables my team, colleagues, child, family, and anyone else who’ll let me help them pursue their passions. I truly believe in the power of play and project based learning and look forward to exploring creative learning with all of you.:hugs:


Hi all,

I’m Troy. I am the Classroom Tech Leader at International School Dhaka, in Bangladesh. I am deeply interested in all of the different aspects in which technology can help us connect with one another, and the many facets that has when working with students in a classroom.

I tried doing this course before over the summer, but wasn’t able to complete it at the time. So now, I’m jumping back in and curious to work with all of you!