[Round 3] Introduce yourself!


Hello everyone!
I am a computer science teacher in high school and a technician teacher in primary school. I am looking for a balance between the “ancient” acquisition of knowledge through reading and the use of modern digital technologies in teaching. I like to learn something new.


Sou Louvane Bringmann e atualmente atuo como técnica pedagógica de Matemática no Núcleo Regional de Educação do município de Toledo - Paraná - Brasil.
Tenho muito interesse em aprender sobre esta temática.
Muito obrigada por esta oportunidade.
I am Louvane Bringmann and currently I work as pedagogical technique of Mathematics in the Regional Nucleus of Education of the municipality of Toledo - Paraná - Brazil.
I am very interested in learning about this subject.
Thank you for this opportunity.


Hi everyone!

This is Shreyas Prakash and I am the Co founder of dHive, which enables children to innovate on their own through design thinking skills from underprivileged communities.

Presently, we are building tangible programming tools under the name dCode to get more children into community based problem solving. We were deeply inspired by Neil Greshenfeld’s work on Lifelong Kindergarten through SCRATCH and that’s one of the reasons why I have taken this course. To learn from an amazing community of educators.

More on our work:


Hi Everyone, I’m Ondrej, I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I’m a software engineer. I want to like to share my passion for creating. Especially creating with software and technology so I teach kids how to code and create.


Olá Joyce, tudo bem? Sou o Flavio, do núcleo Campinas da Rede Brasileira de Aprendizagem Criativa. Ja estive aí conversando com a Katiuscia a respeito da Rede e do Nucleo. Bem vinda ao curso e tendo interesse em participar do Nucelo Regional de Campinas e saber um pouco do que estamos fazendo aqui pela região, fique a vontade para me contatar!


Hello everybody. I’m Evandro Manara Miletto, professor at IFRS Campus Porto Alegre, south Brazil. Also a PoaLab (fablab) member. I´m interested in interaction design and computer music, research fields I work in some programs within Computer in Education field. My goal is to know CL in order to integrate it in my research and teaching practices. Thank you for the opportunity.


Hi everyone!
I’m in my third year of undergraduate school. I hope to be a teacher in the future. After educated in two different systems (China and France), I’m eager to know what creative learning really is. So lucky to meet you here.

Bonjour à tous,
Maintenant je suis à Bordeaux en troisième année de Bachelor. Mon rêve est de devenir prof dans quelques ans. Après avoir enseignée dans deux différents systèmes (Chine et France), je voudrais connaître vraiment l’éducation créative. C’est très heureux de vous rencontrer ici.


Hello! My name is Roger and I am a college senior who is excited about creativity, learning, art and its many connections with AI.
Recently, I’ve observed that many kids in college are more interesting coming in school than going out. I think that part of the reason is that we’ve lost sight of the 4 Ps: we’ve forgotten what it means to throw ourselves into our work, and to do something because it personally excites and compels us. I care about bringing lifelong kindergarten’s values into my school and life. Definitely reach out if this is something you are interested in too.
Nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:


Hello!! My name is Sandra and I am an educator who is working with ITF - Instructional Technology Facilitator. I am excited to join this group.


Pessoal, boa tarde!!!

Como estão de inicio de curso?

Vocês se cadastraram no Slack? Criei um canal chamado Brazil. Vamos usá-lo para trocar msgs entre os brasileiros que estão fazendo o curso! É uma ferramenta bem interessante e bem parecida com o WhatsApp.

Para quem já se cadastrou, entre no Canal Brazil.

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Hello everyone! I am Dawn Guest originally from Chicago and currently serving in the Los Angeles Unified School District. I taught Mathematics, Computer Science, Fine Art, Media Arts, and Video Production for the last 23 years. For two years, I have been working outside of the classroom supporting our District with the expansion of computer science. Happy to be here.


Hi, my name is Lucy, currently a founding class student @Minerva schools. I have been traveling to multiple countries for university over the past few years.

I am a designer and am passionate about designing experiences to foster learner agency. I am also curious about how to learn and teach philosophy.



I’m Kelly. I am an artist and educator working in higher ed. I manage a series of media labs focused on integrating creative technology into student and faculty work.


Heyy! my name is Fernanda.
I’m a graphic designer at SEED / PR.
I’m graduated in Advertising and Propaganda, Didactic Multimedia, Art Direction and Creative Strategies.
Currently, I develop diagrammatical works, graphic design of teaching materials and visual communication in general in the Multimedia Production Coordination / SEED-PR.

Some publications can be accessed at the link:

Anyway, I like to know that my work contributes to education in some way.


Hi ! My name is Fabrícia Noronha and I’m a professor at Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul state, campus Porto Alegre.
Happy to be here!!!


Hi I’m Alex from New Zealand.
An Intermediate teacher of Digital technology. Interested to learn new things.


Hello all! My name is Carrie Larimer. I am a tech/STEM teacher K-5 in Colorado. Looking forward to learning and exploring.


Hi All!

I’m Ruta, originally from Lithuania, currently trying to live in New York :slight_smile:

I’m creative technologist, producer and educator - I used to produce large-scale conferences, 7 years ago founded TEDxVilnius (am still curating it) until 3 years ago moved to New York to study at ITP, NYU, where I spent most of my time experimenting with different technologies and exploring different ways people learn. I am currently designing learning experiences at EdLab, Columbia University.

I’m excited to explore this online course and learn from / with you all :slight_smile:


Boa noite, sou Eliane Soares, professora da rede pública estadual do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Atualmente atuo no Núcleo de Tecnologia Educacional - NTE Canoas na formação de professores, promovendo curso que envolvam tecnologias digitais. Estou aqui neste curso para aprender mais sobre aprendizagem criativa. e poder compartilhar estas aprendizagens com os professores da rede pública estadual. Um ótimo curso para todos!


Hola gente del mundo, es un gusto leer la gran cantidad de mensajes al respecto del aprendizaje creativo, soy docente de tecnología énfasis informática impartiendo en la escuela secundaria técnica 128 de San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, México, feliz de poder establecer contacto con ustedes y sus experiencias creativas, saludos desde Chiapas, México.