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Let’s use this thread to introduce (or re-introduce) ourselves, and to get to know other members of LCL!

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I’m Lily, with the Learning Creative Learning team here in Cambridge, MA, USA.

I research, design, and facilitate creative learning experiences in collaboration with others from the Lifelong Kindergarten group in the MIT Media Lab. I’m excited about the design of creative learning environments/spaces, intergenerational learning communities, poetry, making, art, and craft.

Can’t wait to learn and create with all of you! :slight_smile:


Excited to join you in Creative Learning !


Hi everyone!
I’m Jacques, professor at Federal Institute of Education Science and Technology of Ceara, Camocim :palm_tree::sunny:, CE, Brazil. I am interested in creative educational practices and methodologies that use technology in favor of the teaching-learning process. I have some experience with Scratch and language programming. I’m excited to learn a bit more about creative learning and share experiences about it.


Hi, I am Christine. First and foremost I am an artist, multi media and I am a High school Teacher teaching German and English as well, living in Amsterdam The Netherlands and in New York City for some time, originally being German. I am looking forward to meeting new inspiring people here at LCL for exchange and development of new ideas and naturally I do love learning.


Je m’appelle Julie, j’enseigne au Québec à des élèves de 5e et 6e année. Ce sera ma 3e session comme participante à cette communauté si inspirante. J’ai vraiment très hâte d’échanger avec vous.
Au plaisir!

My name is Julie, I teach in Quebec to grade 5 and 6 students. This will be my 3rd session as a participant in this inspiring community. I can’t wait to talk to you.


Hello everyone, My name is Mary Ann Cassidy and I am a middle school teacher in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. This is the first year that our school is offering Coding/App Development/Gaming to our students. It is a half a year course and I am very excited about developing all new curriculum for this class. I am also happy to say that every student I have picked this elective, which makes it easier to teach. Looking forward to learning.


Hi Everyone, my name is Ann. I work with Brazilian educators who develop creative learning projects through the Brazilian Creative Learning Fellowship. My interest in LCL is to experience the global community and to get ideas for how to continue our professional development work in Brazil. Looking forward to this opportunity.


Hello everyone, my name is Amy and I’m a mother of a 2 year-old looking for inspiration in creative learning. I work in higher education but always looking to connect with creative communities! Happy to read and share with you.


Hello everybody, I’m from Como, Italy. I spent nearly 40 years of my life cultivating an insane passion for technology, that became also my work as an IT professional.
Now that I’m father of 2 children (9 and 13 y.o.), I’m trying to give back some of what I’ve learned and of that passion to them and to the community, mentoring in a local CoderDojo.
I like to share ideas, to experiment and I love to learn from my errors and failures. Hope to share positive feelings with you.


Hi! I’m Maren Vernon, and I am a web developer and online coding instructor located in the US. I’m driven to help the next class of tech workers be more inclusive and representative of diverse backgrounds and experiences, so tech can benefit everyone. And as a mom of two elementary-age girls, I’m excited to introduce the concepts of computational thinking to my kids and others (in part using Scratch and also with fun, hands-on projects on and off the screen) which are valuable concepts whether or not they pursue a career in tech later.


Hello everyone. I’m Sharon I am a computer science and maker educator living in the California Bay Area near Stanford University. I love Makerfaires and creative computing with scratch. I am hoping to grow the next generation of teachers to be more creative makers and computer scientists.


Hi everyone - I’m LJ, nice to meet you all. I’m a composer, technologist and inventor with a masters degree in Music. I also have a toddler - and am excited to find new creative and fun learning activities!


Hi everyone, I’m Mariana, from Brazil and I work with Media and Technology after getting a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. I’m deeply interested in education and teaching languages so I am a volunteer English teacher for a group of 12 gifted children coming from low income communities. I’m focused on learning how to design activities that challenge them in a creative way and explore their potential.


Ciao! Mi chiamo Giulia Dalmonte e frequento il corso di Scienze della Formazione Primaria presso l’Università di Bologna. Sto facendo la tesi di laurea sul pensiero computazionale quindi è un piacere per me prendere parte a questa esperienza nuova ma stimolante!


Hi Everyone!

I`m an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Pelotas (Brazil). My research revolves around Technology-enhanced Learning and Active Learning Methodologies. My mission is to use Data Science to mind the gap between Technology and education towards the effective use of technology to support education.


Hi, I’m Kelen Bernardi, I live in Brazil in the city of Pelotas in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Here I work with Creative Learning, through UFPel (Federal University of Pelotas) and RBAC ( Brazilian Creative Learning Network), in local public schools and Elimu Social ( a Startup that apply Creative Learning and Computer Science to teach youngsters). I am a fan of the course, and this is the first time that I will do together with the LCL community.


Sou Carolina Martins Portela, acadêmica do 8º semestre do Curso de Dança Licenciatura da Universidade Federal de Pelotas, moro na cidade de Pelotas/RS no Brasil.
Participo dos Grupos de Pesquisa: CoCTec (Comunicação, Cultura e Tecnologia) e Reverberações das imagens de corpo na constituição de futuros professores de dança, pedagogia e teatro: leituras a partir do imaginário, ambos da UFPel. Faço parte do núcleo da RBAC Pelotas/RS.
Estou vibrante com a possibilidade de participar do Curso LCL.