[Round 2 - Week 1] Unhangout!


Thanks for everyone who participated to the weekly Unhangout today!

For those who missed it (also because we forgot to send a reminder email!), here is a summary.

We started with a live video from the Media Lab, where @Lily and @yumikom and I discuss our highlights of the week. We were happy to see new people introducing and re-introducing themselves in this new round of LCL. We enjoyed the discussion about childhood objects (we loved your slides!), and we reflected on how people learn by constructing not only physical structures, but also stories and narratives (for example using dolls). About the “pick a P” activity, we noticed that some people have chosen Peers because they see the value but find hard to work in groups, and we enjoyed the discussion about what does it mean to follow your passion.

Here is the full video of the intro:

In the breakout sessions, we asked participants to share their highlights about this week on LCL. This was a great way to get to know each other, and sparked many interesting discussions and questions about how to create coding schools or maker-spaces, the culture needed to embrace creative learning in schools, the role of computers as machines to create, the evolution of coding tools over the last decades, motivation for learning how to code, challenges and opportunities of online environments… and more!

You’ll find more in the recap video here:

There is really too much to talk about in the short time of an Unhangout!

We strongly encourage you to get in touch with other people in the community and organize your own video calls using Google hangout, Skype or any other tool! You can use the Open Topics section of the forum to find people interested in chatting about a specific topic, or you can contact a few people you find interesting through private messages and try to organize a call with a small group! Let us know how it goes, we really hope that this community can provide you with opportunities for connections, discussions and reflections!

See you next week! (We’ll send you a reminder!)
Happy creative learning!
Carmelo, Lily and Yumiko

PS: feel free to reply to this post, whether or not you participated to this Unhangout!

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