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Hi Polly! Can you post some links to videos of the mechanized puppets? :o I’m so curious! I went this this exhibit a few weeks ago and it was fascinating and adorable:


Hi Peter! What is your focus during your PhD program? What tools are you looking into or building right now?


Hi there! I’m Paco from Spain.

I participated on the previous round of LCL, last autumn, and I loved it. There’s still things to read, videos to watch, people to know, conversations to have… so here I am again :smiley:

I am a music teacher and also recently an informal Scratch club organizer.

See you around!


My name is Davida, I like some of you started the first round but couldn’t follow due to work overload. Now at semester break I came back , i hope i can go trough all the process this time.
I teach in Higher Education forming new teachers I am a part of Innovation and Technology Department, and i techno-pedagogically support faculty. I am a very curious person and i love to learn . Some time i wish i could transmit this to my students.
Davida :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great! Looking forward to discovering with all of you!


@shriya Hello! Yes, Paul Spooner and the automata artists are such inspiration. The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in the UK is a great resource: There is also an AutomataCon coming up in May in New Jersey, USA. My puppetry is on my website , but more of the in-progress work of making low-tech mechs is on my instagram, @pollysonic . Nice to meet you!


Hi @Seamus! The final Scratch 3.0 release won’t be until this summer, but you can try out a preview. The final version will work on both PCs and tablets, and you’ll still be able to incorporate direction keys and save projects. Also, 2.0 will still be available for use in the offline editor. Hope this helps!


Glad to have you back, Summer! :slight_smile:


Welcome back @JoannaT! Excited to learn more about your tinkering :slight_smile:


Welcome back :slight_smile: it’s great to see returning LCLers! Looking forward to hearing about your experience this round.


I teach grade 2 and 3 in Toronto. I am looking forward to this online creative learning experience. I am new at teaching STEaM. I am doing Lego Robotics for the first time this year with my class. The students are very excited.


Hi everyone nice to found a learning community like this.
My name is Krisana from Thailand. I found this community from Harvard online course.
I don’t know much about what kind of knowledge I will learn from this community but I like to learn and experience something new. I will have a chance to listen to people all across the world with various of knowledge so I’m not hesitate to join this community.


Hello! My name´s Sandra Elias. I am Robotics teacher and I love Scratch! I live in Vinhedo, São Paulo, Brazil.


hello everyone, i am sumera from karachi pakistan, i am digital learning coordinator in kindergarten . i love working with digital world , most of my activites are unplugged when it comes to teaching children about digital learning.


Olá a todos!
Sou Debora, engenheira por formação e professora por paixão!!! A área de educação é encantadora, poder transferir o nosso conhecimento para outros é uma tarefa encantadora, e fazer isso de uma maneira mais lúdica e ativa faz com que se torne ainda mais interessante o processo de aprendizagem, por isso estou aqui, para aprender mais e poder compartilhar experiências.


Hello everyone,

I’m Paula and I am a Learning Commons Librarian at a K-6 school. I work in Calgary Alberta where we are currently receiving 35 cm of snow. I look forward to hearing from you all and can’t wait to make some great connections.


Happy to be here with you all.
I am Dana Squires, a teaching artist in Washington State.


Hello! I teach in South Florida and love, love, love teaching! This is my 18th year teaching full time - hard to believe and I hope my students are learning more every year. I know I am. I look forward to increasing my knowledge and participating in a vibrant community of fellow educators.


Hi, Mary from Maryland here. I am retired from teaching; currently training teachers and making ceramic art and pottery. I have always been an advocate for creating, making, playing, exploring and discovering. This is my first time in this learning environment. Can’t wait to grow with you all.