[Round 2] Introduce yourself


Hello –

My name is Carolyn and I am a kindergarten teacher outside of Pittsburgh,PA. I signed up for the last session, but did not keep up with it. I am trying again. I look forward to learning with all of you.



I’m John. I’m about 1-1/2hrs. north of New York City, sitting in a log cabin thinking about the children’s books that I’m working on with my wife. Our goal with our company, Dooleyglot, is to create a series for young children that stresses the importance of intuitive learning through investigation and play. LCL seems like it might be a program that could help clarify some of our ideas.

I hope I can stick to it better this round. Being self-employed sometimes my schedule keeps me away at critical moments.

All the best to you all,


Hello! I’m Roberta from Mantova, Italy.
I am a teacher in a primary school.
This is the second round of LCL. I like teaching , I like coding.
I hope to learning more and more with you.



I currently work in a school division in Alberta, Canada as a Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator. This long title means that I support all teachers and Admin and even students in implementing technology and curriculum effectively. I have always loved the low to high tech tools and resources in the educational environment since they allow learners to explore, design, create and share in amazing ways. These tools and resources also remove barriers and connect learners with each other anywhere in the world. I share my “edtech” and educational thoughts via Social Media and you can check those out at

Our province is in the midst of a curriculum refresh which I am very interested in and will be involved heavily over the next few years.

I am fortunate to work in schools that are pretty close to 1:1 in school-owned and/or BYOD (bring your own device) technologies. We see iPads mainly in K-2, chromebooks, laptops in 3-12. All of our teachers have access to projectors, screens, document cameras and over the last number of years a Mobile Learning Initiative loaner library filled with tools and resources to engage in robotics, coding, making and tinkering. You can see some of our efforts at and hover over the Coding, Programming, Makerspaces tab to dig further into some items. I’m really interested in moving the awareness and tinkering to deeper learning and creative learning opportunities.

I’m very excited to learn from each person that takes part in this course. I’m also excited to share this with my colleagues.


This is Wakasa Nagakura from New York City, originally from Tokyo. I am a senior research scientist at the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. I conduct educational effective studies and offer professional development programs for STEM teachers and English teachers in Japan.

My background is cognitive psychology. I would like to learn about the theme of creative learning and its influences on students and teachers. I am so excited to connect with people who share the same passion all over the world!


Thank you


This is my first time here!
My name is Pavan and I am a grad student studying Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

On campus I teach introductory programming classes to non-Computer Science students.
I come from a long line of teachers, my parents, 3 aunts and both sets of grandparents are teachers!


“there is a loss of creativity in most of our standardised education system which is adversely effecting our new generation.”~ totally agreed!! It’s high time we rethought about the standardized tests. Your ideas and views will enhance our understanding surely. Best of luck, Pratima!!



My name is Jussi Kajala and I’m the COO of 3DBear ( , Finnish creative learning in Augmented Reality company currently expanding to US :slight_smile:

I’m big fan of creative learning and really looking forward to the discussion in the forum!



Meu nome é Jorge, sou professor de tecnologias do Colégio Rio Branco, em São Paulo/Brasil, e trabalho com diversas ferramentas tecnológicas, inclusive Scratch!

Espero aprender e compartilhar experiências significativas!


Hi, everybody!

I’m Milene Massucato, from São Bernardo, Brazil.
I’m just trying to come back to teaching, since I’ve stopped working when my first child was born, in 2009.
Now, in 2018, with 3 kids now a little grown up, I can think of teaching again.

I’m an enthusiastic for technology, digital civility. Sometimes I write about it on my blog (

I hope I can take off the rust from my teaching habilities and learn a lot about creative learning with people around the world.




Hi !

I am Gargi. I was born and brought up in India, but moved recently to London, UK. I work as a software engineer and never coded before going to University. I learn Swing Dancing and Spanish on my off time! :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Paulo, from Brazil.
I work as a teacher in a public school and I´d like to be better than I was before. We need creative students. For this, we need apropriate spaces for them. I want to make part of a group of teachers who think about it, like all of you!


I am Assia from Italy.

I am a filmmaker - digital strategist and technology teacher in High School.
I am a co-founder of Magà Make - - a makerspace for kids and our mission is to inspire and empower kids and parents to think, design, experiment and create using steam education.

I am in love with maker culture and digital technologies…

Let’s learn!
Great to be here.


Hi! Summer here. I’m a recent college grad from NC with a degree in elementary education. I’m currently completing a year of volunteer service as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Austin, Texas.

I work at a public charter school here in Austin. I wear many different hats in this role, but I’m also part of the planning process for a makerspace at our brand new elementary school, opening in the fall. I am passionate about social justice, educational and justice system reform, and experiential, play-based learning to engage young learners.

I participated in the last round of LCL, and it was such a refreshing community to be a part of. Here for more ideas and lots of networking with amazing individuals!

Connect with me!


Hi all,

This is Tej from India.

I love the idea of learning and connecting the dots. Curiosity inspires me and has helped me educate myself better than any classroom.

I currently volunteer with economically underprivileged children in the space of arts-led education, and am also creating a curriculum for farmers to learn about ‘market linkage’.

Hmm, now where am I a student? I am a student of Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial arts from South India. I am also a student of the art of facilitating and speaking to audiences.

I am new to this community, but I’m so glad it exists! This is my first time around LCL.



Hello! I’m Ana Claudia.

I have been an educator for more than 30 years and have been working with technologies since 1995. Currently, I am a professor of Educational Informatics at Colégio Santa Clara, professor of post-graduation in Technologies and Education at UNASP and supervisor of the course of Pedagogy at UNIVESP.
I love to read, to go to the movies and theater. I travel whenever I can! Meeting new people and cultures is always very interesting and expands the construction of new knowledge.
I believe that this course will enable many moments of collective learning.
Best regards



My name is Borana and I teach Outdoor Education at an independent boarding school in Ontario, Canada. I’m excited to give this another try and learn from everyone in the process.


Couldn’t get enough of round one… back for more!
Aside from tinkering with making matching games on the website (
and assembling LED snowflakes & hearts, I’ve been with a pre-K all week in Chinatown. Introducing a lot of Lunar New Year and Valentine things. Throughout the day there are 5-10 minute down-times between transitions. Having access to a smartboard has been invaluable at those times. Sometimes we play matching games. Today I showed the kids part of a slideshow presentation on the origins, customs and traditions of Lunar New Year. They were enthralled by the Lantern Festival; made lots of keen observations. We’ve been making dragon puppets and peek-a-boo valentines. Tomorrow we will finish making our class lion puppet and have a “parade” and party with fortune cookies (actually of Japanese origin! see and hongbao (those red envelopes). Interactive features will include an “interactive” fortune cookie ( and
interactive hong bao (which will support their learning Chinese characters: )
The last few weeks have required I tinker with an array of smartboard systems at different schools. I’m, finally, feeling more adept at navigating
the different systems.


Hi Carmelo! Since you’ve done LCL so many times, what do you recommend doing to make the most of it?