[Round 2] Introduce yourself


I’m Maria and I teach Math and Science. I’m from Italy. I like this course, I enroll again!


My name is Chiaki. I am a part time teacher in Ohio. This is my first time to participate in this class. I am very looking forward to discover different types of learning.!!


Hi. I am Antonio Manzano. I work as ateacher and principal at Colegio Citala, Santa Tecla, El Salvador. I am glad to be here. I am convincing other teachersof the school to take the Course. I am waiting the moment when you publish Lifelong Kindergarten in spanish. I want other teachers of the school to read Mitchel Resnick’s Book. By the moment, I translate the excerpts, in order them to read the document every week. I am also studying a Masters in Education Policy, at UCA University, also in El Salvador.


I’m Louise. I’m a primary school teacher from London. I’m interested in using scratch to develop children’s creativity and problem solving skills.



My name is Mara and I live in Italy near Milan in the Ticino river park.

This is my first “round” of LCL, and I hope to have fun with Scratch and have new ideas to propose to the students of my school.
I’m a middle school technology teacher and I love my job.
I love animals and I have 5 Weimaraner dogs that accompany me in my life.
My English is not perfect and I apologize for the errors but I want to try to send messagges to

you in this language.
I can not wait to make new friends in the world!

Good course everyone!


Hi everyone! My name is Alvaro from Uruguay (South America).
I´m Makerspace Coordinator at a school that is applying Proyect Based Learning method.
I wish learn to share the creative learning experience.


Ciao a tutti! Il mio nome è mirella. Sono un’ insegnante di scuola primaria, lavoro e vivo a Palermo. Sono molto entusiasta di seguire il corso di LCL per poter crescere ed imparare insieme a voi.


Hi! My name is Leslie. I from to Lima, Peru. Actually, I work as Senior Content Writer in LIQUID, a design experience firm. My english is no good, but I will do my best to communicate with everyone. :slight_smile:

I’ll excited to start the course and to learn playing! :smiley:


Hi, Guys!

I´m Julci Rocha (São Paulo, Brazil)

I´m hold a major in Portuguese / French Language and Literature, as well as an M.Ed in Curriculum. I´m also Specialist in Education Management, Instructional Design and Innovative Education. Since 2008, I´ve been dedicated to the initial and continued training of educational professionals in innovative initiatives under digital technologies.

I´ve researching innovations in education involving digital technologies, active leaning and maker culture. I am facilitator of collaborative processes, such as design thinking, and I have experience designing, coordinating and developing innovative programs in public and private institutions.

Today, I´m Cofounder of the Tríade Educacional ( and Founder of the Redesenho Educacional (www.redesenhoeducacional), authorized partner at Microsoft Brazil to teacher training.

I´m very excited to be here :slight_smile:



I’m Isadora. I’m a Preschool Teacher Assistant in a Bilingual School in Salvador, BA, Brazil. I’ve been introduced to LCL by @Zaramela which is my IT Coordinator. Prior to that, I have worked as Production Manager in theater productions in Salvador. So I have been always involved in a creative environment. I love to create fun learning tools and I’m looking forward to learn more and more.


Hello everyone!
I’m Maggie, I’m a preschool teacher in a Bilingual School in Montevideo, Uruguay. I had experience on scratch and code in the University but i’m looking forward on learning more about this topic, creativity thinking and learning!


Hello everyone,

I’m Thiago, from São Paulo/Brazil. I’m co founder of Future Education, a accelerator company focused in EdTech startups. Will be great learn and colaborate.


Hello Everybody, My name is Seamus, from Ireland. For many years I’ve taught primary school children. Then I tutored teachers in Art, Maths and Scratch. I’m a CodeClub pioneer and volunteer in Navan, my local town. I followed the 2017 LCL Course and enjoyed it. SCRATCH 2.0 is a fabulous teaching tool … but I am deeply disappointed at SCRATCH 3. Scratch on a tablet makes little sense (such as programming ‘direction keys’). Our kids love to work in their sum copy and code the work in Scratch. Won’t be able do it in Scratch 3. There are over 120 shared projects at


Hi I am Varsha from Boston. Looks like I missed the first session but am hoping to join next Tuesday at 4pm. I am looking to re-invent myself and would love to understand the LCL concepts and how everyone in the group is looking to apply them.
Thank you


Hello from White Plains, NY. I am the founder of Curious-on-Hudson, a learning and enrichment center for K-5/MS. I work with a great team of people here to develop and deliver programs for schools, after-school programs and community organizations. We are thrilled to be a part of LCL and look forward to learning more about other participants and what they are doing in their respective corners of the globe. So cool!


Hi, There,
I’m a kindergarten teacher at Redwood City, California.


Hi, My name is Samuel Rodriguez from Monterrey, Mexico. I am adviser in education programs in public schools. My schools participate in quality awards with the porpuse to develop better organizations. I am interested to join at international community to share ideas and participate new changes to give children learning to be happy now, after and the future,


Hi, my name is Milene and I work teaching teachers of the public education network to use the technologies in their classes. We are currently working with programming and robotics clubs in schools for students from municipal public schools. And it’s a pleasure to be here.


Hi everyone! My name is Carol and I am currently a college student studied at the University of Washington, Seattle. This is my first time of learning LCL and hope to explore more about creative learning with all of you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there!
My name is Mary and I’m a primary school teacher in Dublin, Ireland. I signed up for the previous round of LCL but the timing just wasn’t right for me. I’m currently studying for a certificate in 21st Century Teaching and Learning in Trinity College and heard about this course through my fellow teachers. I’m looking forward to learning about LCL!