[Round 2] Introduce yourself


OhHai Creative Learners! My name is Jo. I live in Australia and I am the owner / facilitator of Massively@jokaydia -
an international online community for kids based in Minecraft. I have been tinkering with technology since I was a little girl, and have a passion for supporting kids in discovering creative pathways, learning digital citizenship and playing games together.

I’m looking forward to learning from and with you all!


Hi Everyone!!!
I stalked some of the first round but did not have time to participate, sooooo now I have planned to make the time. I am an ICT coordinator at Frankfurt International School and we are beginning to use Scratch in our classrooms. Kids love it! I am hoping to discover ways to connect it with the current curriculum.
Can’t wait to be committed!


Hello Creative Learners,

My name is Fani and I am a researcher in science education with a PhD from the Institute of Education - University College London. Since 2011 I have coordinated two very interesting European projects on creativity and early years science, one called ‘Creative Little Scientists’ and the other ‘Creativity in Early Years Science Education’.
I am very excited to join this course and get to know all you - so amazing people.


I am a middle school technology teacher and I am happy to take this course with all of you.


Hey everyone,

I’m a teacher of primary and secondary science at a Catholic school in Malta - a small island in the Mediterranean. I also working on an M.Ed in Science Education at the university of Malta. I am focusing on creativity in science education and scientific creativity.

Really looking forward to this course and to meeting and learning from all of you.

Wishing you a lovely day,



My name is Enitha. I’m a trainer . I am very excited to join this course to learn about creative teaching
and looking forward to contribute ideas in the forums.


Kia ora,

I am a teacher in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand and am returning to LCL. This time I am bringing some colleagues with me for a new adventure!



Hi everyone,

My name is Dale and I am a first-timer in LCL. I am a learning designer working in a charity on the Isle of Wight in the UK. I’m super excited to discover new ways of learning, teaching and creating through this experience!


Hi Everyone,

I am Lakshmi Radhika, I am a Robotic trainer working in Robotix Learning Solutions Pvt ltd, India.
I have been training children from grade 4-11. Happy to meet the LCL community to learn, create and share my ideas.


Hey there,
My name is Katrin. I am a consultant on the use of digital media in the classroom at a teachers university. I am very interested in different methods of teaching and learning and the idea behind lifelong Kindergarten really excites me. It is my second try to take part in the course. This time, I will try harder to make the time to stay with the course.

Cheers from Lucerne, looking forward to connecting with you!


Hi All,

My name is Anna, I work for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on the isle of Wight, UK. IMy background is in content creating, communication and a little bit of behavioural change. work in the education team and am very interested to learn more!


Hi I’m Ed Bringas from NYC, USA. Currently I’m a high school teacher at Fannie Lou Hammer Freedom High School. I teach a STEAM based Art & Design course called MAKERS. I am huge fan of Piaget, Papert & Resnick’s learning theories. My guiding focus the last 13 years has been to support marginalized communities and groups to learn how to solve problems through making and design thinking . I’m super excited about LCL and can’t wait to grow and learn through this experience.


Bom dia,
Sou a Patrícia e trabalho com formação de professores na área de tecnologia. Espero aprofundar meus conhecimento sobre este assunto.
De formação sou Pedagoga e Mestre em Educação e Tecnologias Educacionais.


Hello everyone,

My colleague introduced me to LCL last week and I am glad I can join in the activities for Round 2. Excited to learn about LCL and to see how it can be adapted to all levels of learning.

Best wishes,




my name is Claudio, I am a software engineer and I have two kids, 10 and 6 years old. So I am “only” a father.
This is my second round of LCL; with the first one I have discover a new world and a new way to help our digital kids to approach techonogy.
With my wife we have founded an association, called “Creative Learnig”, trying to involve teachers and other people to share their passion with kids and guys
We have began with Coding, Computational Thinking and Robotics (Lego Boost and Mindstorms) and we are wating for new activities to start.

I am very happy to join another time with you and I want to thank all of you for your fantastic work.



I can’t agree more with your words “creative learning is a powerful approach to shape our future education”. We also want to learn with and from you! Good luck!!


Great! We would like to learn from you, and your ideas will obviously enhance our understanding of ‘Robot’ , especially their use in promoting creative learning. Best of luck!!


Hello, I am educommunicator and work with teacher and student training in a creative way using metareciclagem. I am new to the group and hope to participate in the best possible way and interact with other creative education projects around the world. Big hug
To know more


Hello,My name is Miyuki and live in Japan, have some workshop to innovative learning,CoderDojo Nagareyama,Natsuie and more…I’m very excited to leanign LCL and join Community.


Hi, I’m Adriana, I’m from Brazil. I’ve just discovered this new world and I’m here to learn as much as possible, so then I can start to bring this wonderful world to my teachers and students.